52 Weeks of Gratitude – Friends

This week’s challenge in the 52 weeks of gratitude challenge – friends.

play. wash. rinse. repeat.
Throughout my 32 years of life, friendships have either withstood the test of time, or have withered away. Both types of friendships have shaped who I am today.
Today, I feel very blessed to have a handful of really close friends. Those that have been there all along. The ones I call just to catch up. The ones that went above and beyond the call of duty when times got tough. Each has become a close friend at a different point in my life and our friendships have deepened as we’ve gotten older.
When we were younger we saw a lot more of each other, now it’s much harder to get together. But that hasn’t changed the depth of our friendships. With email, text, and the good-old-fashioned phone call, we’ve stayed in each others lives through thick and thin. Luckily, a few of them have kids the same ages as mine, so play dates give us a connection and chance to catch up!
Like family, I truly believe friendships are an important part of every life. Without the many friendships that have come, gone and especially those that stuck; I’d be a completely different person today.

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