52 Weeks of Gratitude – Things About Me

This week’s challenge in the 52 weeks of gratitude challenge – 5 Things I Like About Me

play. wash. rinse. repeat.
This week’s is harder than it seems. I am definitely my biggest critic. There are a lot of things I like about myself but I always seem to notice the things I don’t like before those good traits.
This week is pushing me, which I love!
It’s funny that this would be the topic this week. My husband and I were just discussing our spirited child, Mister Man (blog on that soon) and how we need to make sure we focus on his good traits rather than getting on his case about the issue at hand. It’s a great way to build those traits we love even when we are feeling down about them at the time. So with no further ado, here goes.
I am:
  1. Creative
    I am at my best when I am doing something creative. Whether it’s design related, kid related or otherwise. If I have to thing outside the box I am working to my potential. Creativity is a big part of my life. Without a creative moment daily, I feel like something is missing. This is one of the great treats of homeschooling, I get a chance to be creative everyday. There are so many opportunities that arise for creativity. I have to be ready for anything and find fun ways of presenting each days lessons. The more creative and intriguing the lesson, the more the kids will remember. So I have got to be on my game everyday! But it goes even further than that. Creativity spills into every aspect of the day. From dinner to Legos. There is some way for me to get creative and I thrive in those moments.
  2. Passionate
    When I set my mind on something I go for it wholeheartedly. I am very passionate about the many aspects of my life. I love that there are so many things I get to experience. From the normal day to day things at home to the many projects I get to work on for graphic and interior design. I am constantly putting more passion into the parts of my life. My kids are my passion, my design and creativity (see above) are my passions. I may do a lot but I put it all into those things and it is so nice seeing the end results.
  3. Thoughtful
    I will drop everything to help someone I love. I am the first to ask how I can help, and what I can do. I am guilty of doing “too much” many times, but I would rather do more than not enough.
  4. Hard Worker
    It was instilled in me from my parents, you work hard and do good and things will work out. I have always given my all at everything I do especially work related. It seems each generation has lost a bit of this attitude. Unfortunately, hard worker is not a trait many younger generations can label themselves with. I feel grateful that I was taught that I needed to work for what I wanted and needed. I was never just given something. I did chores to make money for those extras I desired and from there I learned a good work ethic. I am working hard to instill this in my own children as they grow. Nothing is free, it takes time, work and motivation to get anywhere in life.
  5. Optimistic
    I strive to see the positive light for anything. My husband gets irritated with me because I will come up with a positive spin to almost everything, even those times you see something and wonder what the heck was going on. Yeah, there’s always a good positive spin for it. I love being optimistic, it makes the days brighter and my life much happier. I can look back on times when I was feeling down (we all go through the blues sometimes) and if I look closely, I can see that pessimism was creeping in and as soon as I could see the bright side again, things went back up and happiness returned. There is nothing like seeing the glass half full.

So there you go. 5 traits I love about myself. What about you, what are your favorite traits about yourself?