App Schooling – Top 3 Kindle Educational Apps

Technology has always been a part of our kids lives. For Christmas the kids received a Kids Kindle for reading and of course some educational apps. It’s been wonderful so far and they are enjoying reading along with our read aloud book in the evening and actually started reading aloud with me. It’s more shared reading now, which I am loving! The kindle educational apps are fun and are a great way to practice and review the things we are learning in school.

Technology is a big part of life in today’s world, schools are sending laptops and tablets home with children in Kindergarten now, which still blows my mind. We use technology in many ways in our home, from educational shows and sites to family movie nights. That being said, we do limit the amount of technology they are allowed, because, especially with Mister Man, we have noticed a big difference in his behavior when he has used technology during the day; tv, movie, tablet or computer.

Our favourite Apps for Homeschooling iOS and Android - Kindle Educational Apps #appschooling

The Kindle has been a great way for Sunshine and Mister Man to have a bit of freedom to explore their interests while I love knowing what they are using, how long they are using it for and more. The Freetime app has been wonderful, no videos/apps until you have read at least 30 min, means their Kindle will not let them play a game or watch a video until they have done their reading for the day!

Our Top 3 apps for our Kindles that the kids (and I) love are:

  1. Stack the States ($1.99 – Kindle)
    Stack the States App - Kindle Educational Apps #appschooling
    This is a great app for practicing state recognition. The kids have fun playing and they are learning at the same time – win – win situation! It’s been a great addition to our US Geography State learning this year.
  2. Stack the Countries ($1.99 – Kindle)
    Stack the Countries App - Kindle Educational Apps #appschooling
    Same idea as the State the States but with countries. We studied many different countries last year so this is a fun review game for them.
  3. Math Blaster HyperBlast 2 HD ($4.99 – Kindle)
    Math Blaster - Kindle Educational Apps #appschooling
    Fun way to work on math concepts and practice without realizing they are learning!

We are still exploring the kindle and using new apps weekly. What are some great kindle educational apps you think we should check out?

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