Aroma Love with Young Living – Orange Essential Oil

I just recently found a love for the Young Living Orange Essential Oil. There are so many great uses and the aroma is amazing!

Orange is a very versatile essential oil making it a great oil to have in your collection at all times! This is definitely one I don’t like to run out of!

Young Living Essential Oil - Orange - Modern Momma MusingsYou can view the full size Orange Essential Oil info graphic here.

I use our orange essential oil a lot by diffusing the oil in the room. I love the clean, refreshing smell it gives to the whole room. I’ve used it both on it’s own and in combination with other oils. My favorite it Orange and Peppermint combination. It is clean, crisp and refreshing on a whole new level!

Young Living Essential Oil - Orange - Modern Momma Musings

I have also used it with cleaning and on my face when those pesky blemishes start to appear.

What is your favorite way to use Young Living’s Orange Essential Oil?

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