Books Books Books – Booklist – January 2016

We are starting the new year with a lot of pep in our reading journey! Here’s what we are enjoying this month.

Booklist - January 2016


White Fang – Mister Man has been asking to read this ever since he saw it on the bookshelf. We started it after Christmas and he has been enthralled ever sense. I did have to change a few bits of language as we were reading but for the most part it has been a great read aloud for my kiddos. Sunshine really isn’t very interested but Mister Man wants more and more each night. I don’t remember ever reading it as a child so I am enjoying it now with the kids which is a fun experience in itself.

Picture Books

On the Night You Were Born – I love this book. Sugar Plum seems to love it too so we read it quite a bit.

Love You Forever – Seriously, if you need a good cry, this is the book to pick up. I cannot read it without getting teary-eyed and I have now read it too many times to count!

Read Alone – Kiddos

Winnie the Pooh – Mister Man just finished this and loved it just as much as Sunshine. He even decided to continue on the Winne the Pooh series and read House at Pooh Corner next. He is about half way through this one now and seems to be enjoying it as well.

Boxcar Children – Mister Man finished these up quickly. He would start one and it seemed like the next day be asking to have the next one loaded onto his Kindle. I’d say he enjoyed them!

Horse Diaries – Sunshine is still loving this series and continues to pick up new ones each library trip.

Because of Winn Dixie – Sunshine just finished this and loved it!


Burgess Bird Book for Children – Finally finished this before Christmas! The kids and I really enjoyed it. We are spending some time digging deeper into our studies of birds and will start Burgess Animal Book for Children in a few months.


We are reading Paddle to the Sea for our Geography to round out our study of the Northeast. We have finished the Northeast and I plan to dig a bit deeper as we read Paddle to the Sea so that they have a real understanding of the area.


We have been reading Fifty Famous Stories and Our Island Story and are loving both of them. In fact the kids ask for more than one chapter each time which makes them really excited the next day.

Benjamin Franklin – We just started this and it’s been very good so far. We really enjoy the d’Aulaire books so I am assuming I will like this as well.


To add to our study of England’s history we are also reading Our Island Saints which is beautifully written. I am loving this up close look at the saints in story form and the kids seem to be getting much more out of the stories as well.

That’s what we are reading. What are you reading?

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