Homeschooling Supplements – Help Teaching Pro Subscription Review

Homeschooling Supplements – Help Teaching Pro Subscription Review

The beauty of homeschooling is that we can move at the pace of each child and supplement as needed. Some subjects are more difficult to grasp than others and having a way to add in another learning tool can be a relief. With the Help Teaching Pro Subscription at you have a ton of different worksheets, games and more to supplement within your home and homeschool. Read more

Tot School – Beach Fun

Tot School - Beach Time - Modern Momma Musings

Sugar Plum is now 16 months and we are just beginning our learning journey. When Mister Man was this age we began Tot School and he loved every minute of it. Now that Sugar Plum is at this age, it is going to be a fun addition to our homeschool.

The beauty of Tot School is it is just a fun learning opportunity through play. There is no lesson, per say, but more of a guided play time. Between books and toys and things around the house, tot school is a great way to focus their attention to new things and teach them at the same time.

This will be the first of many Tot School posts so enjoy!

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