Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool – Year 2 – Term 2

Here’s a sneak peak into our Catholic Charlotte Mason Year 2 – Term 2. We just finished up this term and are began term 3 this past week.

Here’s a recap of Year 2 – Term 2 in our home. You can view our Year 2 – Term 1 here.

Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool – Year 2 – Term 2

Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 2 - Term 2 - Modern Momma Musings


Faith and Life – Last year we switched to Finding God because it was what our church uses for their CCD. I was not as excited about the program. The kids liked it but I didn’t see the progress they were making with the Faith and Life Series. So I decided to do both this year and see which was really their favorite. It has been hands down, Faith and Life. The lessons are short and to the point, but the kids get so much more out of it because it is not watered down.

Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 2 - Term 2 - Modern Momma Musings

Finding God – as I mentioned above, we are doing this in addition to the Faith and Life series. We will not be doing this again next year, however I will finish up this years book.

Catholic Children’s Bible – Daily readings that follow the church’s schedule. This hasn’t changed in the last term. The kids love reading the bible each morning. The only thing that has changed is that I was reading it to them last term and this term they have been reading this on their own! After they’ve read the passage they narrate what they have read back to me.

Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 2 - Term 2 - Modern Momma Musings

Saints for Young Readers – The kids have begun reading about a saint each day. The stories are simple for them to read and they enjoy learning about the different saints. After they read they narrate this back to me as well.

Prayers – We have been reviewing prayers and talking about different ways to pray this term.

Latin Prayer – This term we learned the Hail Mary in Latin. Mister Man has memorized it quickly, Sunshine and I are still working on this one.

Hymns – This is one of our favorite parts of the week. They love listening to the hymns we will hear at mass and they are doing very well singing along with them as they are played each week.


Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 2 - Term 2 - Modern Momma Musings Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 2 - Term 2 - Modern Momma Musings

Math-U-See – Gamma – We have moved into multiplication with Math-U-See and we still love it! The kids have been catching on very quickly and doing very well. We are about 1/4 of the way through Gamma and they are still loving math!


Sing Song Latin – We are finishing up this Latin program with book two. The kids have learned a lot from it and the videos and songs have ingrained so much in their minds. They are not as excited about the workbook but my kids are just not workbook kids. We do the workbook together to take a bit of the pain out of it. It’s great for reviewing and putting the new words in context.


Our Island Story –We are still working through Our Island Story. The kids love the stories and learning about all of England’s history. They are also still working well with the Book of Centuries they started this year. It’s fun to see how far we’ve gone through history just in the last two terms.

A Child’s History of the World – They are still loving this as well! These are quick well-written stories that have been great for aiding their understanding of the world and history.

Little Duke – This was a great story. We loved the storyline and the kids were always engaged and excited to tell me what we read.


Burgess Animal Book – This is still a favorite book for the kids. In addition to the main book they have been reading the Burgess Animal Series of books and love these as additional reading and learning. The animal series are quick and easy reads for them but they love the stories of the silly animals.

Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 2 - Term 2 - Modern Momma Musings

Handbook of Nature Study – We are focusing on mammals this year and I have had a blast reading and sketching with the kids about each mammal. We are doing this as a precursor to our nature walks. We’ve dug a bit deeper into the animal, made a sketch with notes in our notebooks and then we make a point to look closely for them while we are out and about.

Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 2 - Term 2 - Modern Momma Musings

Nature Study – The kids are outside a lot and they love learning about everything they see. While we didn’t make it into nature as much as I would have hoped this last term it is a priority this coming term. We’ve actually made a day off on Wednesday so that we can have a bit of time to just get outside and do nature study more regularly.


Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 2 - Term 2 - Modern Momma Musings

Seabird – We started Seabird this term and the kids are reading this independently. They read one chapter to two chapters each week and then narrate what they’ve read back to me. So far this is working really well and they are enjoying the story.

States and Capitals – Because we all missed it, we’ve added our states and capitals back into our daily routine. The kids get a new state each week and we talk a bit about where the state is, some facts about the state and we review the other states we’ve learned previously. We’ve finished the Northeast, last year, the Southeast, this term, and will be beginning the Midwest next term.


Tales from Shakespeare – We are all still loving Shakespeare. It’s sometimes difficult to follow the characters but I have tried to make a list of the characters to help us follow along when it’s needed. But overall, they are loving the stories themselves and that is the big goal for this age anyway.

Parables from Nature – These are still some of our favorite stories. They love listening to these and narrate the stories back very well.

Free Reading – Read-A-Louds

Wind in the Willows – We loved this book! The stories were wonderful and enticing. The kids thought the animals were hilarious and I loved the different lessons hidden quietly throughout.

Along Came a Dog – Another great book. The kids had a lot of fun with this book as well. It was a quick, easy read for us and probably would have been a good one for them to read on their own, but they wanted to have it as our read a loud and they have been reading so well on their own, I wasn’t about to push too much on them. Plus I think it ended up being a great read-a-loud for our family. Even Sugar Plum enjoyed the pictures and laughed along with the other two kiddos.

Otto of the Silver Hand – This was a great book. I’m glad we read this aloud as I think it would have been a bit difficult for the kiddos to read on their own.

Pied Piper of Hamelin – This was a fun read a loud. It was quick and easy and the kids enjoyed the story as we went.

Wonder Book – Not my favorite set of stories, but the kids had fun with them. The stories did seem to get a bit mixed in their heads. One thing I enjoyed was hearing the stories I’ve heard and never had reference to before.


Eugene Field – Poetry has been a favorite of ours and this was no different. Field’s poetry was fun for the kids to read aloud and sit and listen to!

James Whitcomb Wiley – This has been a fun poetry selection for us this term. The kids begged for more poetry daily!


Dictation Day by Day – Level 2 – This is still working really well for the kiddos. One dictation of two sentences per day has been enough for them and they are growing more efficient in their spelling, grammar and handwriting.

Cursive – Mister Man is still doing cursive practice from some sheets I found online. He will be finished up with those in a few weeks and will begin practicing the alphabet on the page before we move on to him writing everything in cursive.

Independent Reading

Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 2 - Term 2 - Modern Momma Musings

Both kids read independently for 30 minutes each day. They’ve loved the Burgess series of animal books as well as the quick day reads from their Magic Tree House and I Survived series.


Artistic Pursuits – We’ve done this periodically this term. It has happened to get pushed out of the way a bit more this term. We are starting a co-op with a good friend for art so this will definitely be making a comeback in the next few weeks.

Picture Study – Diego Valszquez – This was not our favorite artist but we did enjoy studying his artwork. I think he is a bit too dark for all of us. We did however, get the chance to view a few of his pieces while we were in Washington D.C. and this was a nice surprise for us all.


Composer Study – Children’s Classics – This was fun easy listening for us all. The songs were a good break from the day to day activities and we had fun working on crafts while we listened. It was also playing many days in the background of our school mornings.

Piano – this is still in full swing. They are progressing and having fun at the same time.

That’s it for this past term. As usual, I love seeing how much we are reading and enjoying over the 12 week terms. It’s amazing how much we are reading with Ambleside Online and I am loving the classic books we’ve been able to enjoy together!

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