Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool – Year 2 – Term 3

Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool – Year 2 – Term 3

We’ve finished our Year 2 of Ambleside Online. As with the previous years we added a Catholic twist. Here’s our recap of term 3.

Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 2 - Term 3 Recap - Modern Momma Musings


Faith and Life – Till the end, this was our favorite religion curriculum. We are looking forward to continuing this with Year 3 in a few weeks without the workbooks. We will use narration and a few extras to reinforce their understanding.

Finding God – We finished this book, but are all in agreement, we will just use Faith and Life for Year 3.

Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 2 - Term 3 Recap - Modern Momma Musings

Catholic Children’s Bible – Daily readings that follow the church’s schedule. This is one of their favorite parts of their schoolwork. They read the daily gospel rach day, on their own, then narrate what they’ve read.

Saints for Young Readers – These are fun simple readings the kids enjoy reading daily.

Prayers – We begin each morning with prayers in Latin and English. This has been a great way to start our day and focus our attention.

Latin Prayer – We have been doing the sign of the cross and the Hail Mary in Latin this year. We will add a few more Latin prayers next year.

Hymns –One of our morning time activities. Brian plays guitar for Sunday mass, so we have a list of the month’s music. I pick a few that I would like them to know before mass and we listen and sing them throughout the week. While this is not exactly how Miss Mason would have done this, it works well for our family and the kids love hearing the songs in mass that week. It also helps them to understand what they are singing and allows for more participation!


Math-U-See – Gamma – We are 3/4 of the way through Gamma and will continue this into Year 3, then we will move on to division!


Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 2 - Term 3 Recap - Modern Momma Musings

Sing Song Latin – We have finished this program and will be continuing Latin in Year 3 with a new program. More on that soon!


Our Island Story –We have finished our readings for this Year, and will continue reading this in the next year as well. This has been a great read-a-loud for our family. This will be one of the things they will read on their own next year, hopefully!

Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 2 - Term 3 Recap - Modern Momma Musings

A Child’s History of the World – Another great history book. The kids have loved this and the stories that we’ve read have supplemented our other history readings very well.



Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 2 - Term 3 Recap - Modern Momma Musings

Burgess Animal Book – We finished this book and the kids loved it as much as the other Burgess books. I loved the fun way the animals were presented while still giving them an abundance of information about each animal. They also read all of the Burgess Animal Series of books and loved them! They were nice easy reads for them both but they were fun and informative as well.

Handbook of Nature Study – We finished up our mammal study and had a blast reading, sketching and learning about them. We also did some searching on our nature walks. A few days after reading about the house mouse, Brian mentioned they had a mouse at their office. We of course had to turn this into a learning adventure. The kids searched the office for signs of the mouse (mice) and sketched what they found. This was a great way for them to dig a little deeper.

Nature Study – We love to be outside. It was a crazy winter with ups and downs in the weather and many colds around our home, but we still made some time to enjoy the outdoors and take some nature walks as well as just exploring in our own back yard.Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 2 - Term 3 Recap - Modern Momma Musings

We’ve made science a bit more fun by combining science every other week with our good friends. They’ve had a blast learning about a different subject, magnets. ph, composting and more.


Seabird – We finished this. I loved the story as did Mister Man but Sunshine was ready to be finished with this one about halfway through. Goes to show that each kiddo can be so different.

States and Capitals – The kids now know 35 states and capitals and we will continue to learn them into the next year. They love this part of the day.


Tales from Shakespeare – Still loving Shakespeare! This is one of our favorite read-a-louds. Considering I had only read a few of Shakespeare’s works it’s been so fun reading these with the kids. I think our favorite was Comedy of Errors.

Parables from Nature – Still loving these! Cute stories with great morals.

Robin Hood, We are finishing up the last of Howard Pyle’s version and we absolutely love it! I was a bit concerned initially because the language took some time to get used to reading aloud. Once we were a few chapters into the book, it was much easier to read without stumbling, and we had so much fun with this book.

Free Reading – Read-A-Louds

Tanglewood Tales – we started this but the kids and I could not get into it, so we stopped. I think the Wonderbook was a good one for us but this was too much right after reading Wonderbook. I plan to try this again later in the next year, but at the time we started it, the enjoyment was not there for our family.

Hans Christian Andersen– the kids loved Anderson’s fairy tales. Many of the tales are familiar, but maybe not exactly the versions we remember. I began reading these aloud at lunch time, but progressed to them reading a few on their own by the end of the year. This was a great transition to the independent reading they will encounter in the next few weeks. They did a great job with this and I am excited to see them progress to more independence in Year 3 which we will begin next week.


Christina Rossetti – we had a lot of fun with poetry this term. After we had read all of Rossetti’s poetry, they picked their favorite poem, copied it on a plain piece of paper and then decorated the paper. In the process, they also memorized their poem and had to recite it to everyone. They had a blast with this and they now have a great piece to keep.


Dictation Day by Day – Level 2 – This has been a great addition to our curriculum. I have enjoyed working through this with the kids daily and with only a few sentences each day, it has been the perfect amount of writing for the kids each day.

Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 2 - Term 3 Recap - Modern Momma Musings

Cursive – Mister man moved onto writing his dictation in cursive by the end of this term and he is so excited and proud of himself. I am very impressed by his handwriting and the time he takes to make it look nice. I’m hoping this sticks around!

Independent Reading

Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 2 - Term 3 Recap - Modern Momma MusingsCatholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 2 - Term 3 Recap - Modern Momma Musings

Both kids read independently for 30 minutes each day. They are still loving the Burgess series of animal books, their Magic Tree House and I Survived series. They picked up a few others at the library every few weeks, but these have been their favorite. I realize these are not the best free reads for them to choose, but it has started a love of reading and that to me is more important at this point. Starting next week, they will be required to read one book of my choosing each month and they can pick any additional books to read after or at the same time.



We started doing a group art class with our good friends. We have been studying color and doing projects every other week. We will begin Artistic Pursuits again in a few weeks.

Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 2 - Term 3 Recap - Modern Momma Musings

Picture Study – Edgar Degas – One of my favorite artists, he was a hit in our family. His paintings and sculptures were a delight to discuss and enjoy as a family.


Composer Study – Rachmaninoff – I knew nothing about Rachmaninoff before we began our composer study but I could listen to his works all day. They had so much movement and power in each and I was amazed to find similarities between his compositions and songs from modern day.

Piano – this term ended at the same time as their piano recital. It was cute to see them get up and perform in front of the small group. They did a great job!

Another year down and since we school year round we will begin Year 3 next week. I am excited for many of the books we will be enjoying together this coming year!

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