Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool – Year 3 – Term 2

Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool – Year 3 – Term 2

Catholic Charlotte Mason - Year 3 - Term 2 - Modern Momma Musings

Timing worked out perfectly for our finishing up our term using Ambleside Online Year 3 – Term 2. We were doing exams the week before Christmas! This was a great stopping point and we spent the rest of that week and the following two weeks on break. The kids and I needed the break and we will begin again today with term 3.

Here’s our recap of Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool – Year 3 – Term 2


Faith and Life – This is still going great for us.

Reconciliation Prep – We used a few different resources in addition to the one provided by our church.
A Little Book About Confession for Children – This was a great easy read but had a ton of information
God’s Gift – Reconciliation – This is the book our church uses but like Finding God, I am not a fan. This is why I added a few other resources to our preparation.
We also did a lot of roll play and talking about what confession means and why we are blessed with the sacrament.

The New American Bible – We are still reading through the bible by book. We read the remainder or Exodus and started Leviticus.

The New St Joseph Baltimore Catechism – We use this with the Angel Food for Boys and Girls Series of Books. We read one section of the catechism then read a few Angel Food stories that correspond to what we’ve learned. The kids love the Angel Food stories and I am so glad I found this printable lesson plan at Wildflowers and Marbles!

Saints – Both kids are still enjoying reading about their saints of choice. Sunshine chose St. Claire of Assisi and Mister Man chose St. Pope John Paul II and St. Augustine. We have loved the Vision Series books.



Math-U-See – Delta – We are moving through Delta pretty well. There have been a few concepts that we’ve taken a little extra time with so they can truly understand and there have been a few concepts they’ve tested out of easily. Overall, I think it’s going well.


Latina Christiana – We are still loving this the kids are learning a ton of Latin and it’s been fun to see them notice and understand things that are derivatives from what they’ve learned.

Little Latin Readers – These are additional practice for the kids. I love that the new vocab is written on the left page and the facing page has a story to read aloud and then translate. We do a few of these each week and are working through the Primer level.


Our Island Story – This is still a great history addition to our studies.

A Child’s History of the World – There have only been a few of these this term so I think we were all happy about that.

This Country of Ours – Still loving reading about the history of our amazing country.

Book of Centuries – This is still a fun addition to our history studies. The kids love finding the dates and adding their figures.

Cleopatra – This has been a fun reading for the kids. It’s pretty easy to read and interesting. We will continue this through a part of the third term as well. We are reading this instead of Good Queen Bess.

Crossbows and Crucifixes – This has been a great addition to our history and religion studies. We are studying a time in history where persecution of Catholics and other religions was the norm. Unfortunately, the history readings don’t give a Catholic perspective on the persecutions, so this has been a great way to see it from the Catholic perspective. I am so glad this was recommended to me, it has made our history studies much more rounded.


A Drop of Water – We finished this up this term and had a lot of fun learning about water. It definitely made us all look at water a bit differently.

Science Lab at the Supermarket – This has been a fun science extra. The kids have enjoyed the experiments and seem to be getting a lot out of it.

Nature Study – We got a few more nature walks in before it became extremely cold. Now we are just waiting for a break in the weather to begin our walks again. We have been looking outside, talking about the birds we see and anything else that comes to their wondering minds.

Science with friends – Still going strong in this regard. They love our Wednesday morning co-op.

Secrets of the Woods – We all enjoyed this book. Following the author through the woods was a fun adventure and we learned a lot about the animals and their habitats as well as the dangers that they face.


States and Capitals – The kids are doing a great job with their Make-A-State Set from Homeschool in the Woods. They are getting ready to start their next states this week.


Tall Tales – Still loving these tales. The kids have a lot of fun with these and are actively engaged in the readings.


At the Back of the North Wind – I initially gave this as an independent read but it was a bit to much for my kiddos so we started it as a read aloud to help with understanding. We are all enjoying this as well

Free Reading – Read-A-Louds

Jungle Books – We love these! They beg to read more of this every day. Even Sugar Plum asks me to wait for her during this reading.


Sara Teasdale and Hilda Conkling– The kids loved reading a few poems outloud and begged to do more each time.


Dictation Day by Day – Level 2 and Level 3 – We moved on mid-way. We are still working hard on this. I started a list of words they are having problems with so that we can review them each day as well.

Independent Reading

Some of their favorites this past term were The 21 Balloons, The Wheel on the School and the complete Chronicles of Narnia series.


Picture Study – Jacques Louis-David – This was not our favorite artist but we did enjoy learning more about Louis-David.

Art with friends – We have been working through color theory this term. They are doing great!


Composer Study – Schubert – We still love the series of books by Sybil Deucher the one for Franz Schubert, Franz Schubert and His Merry Friends, had the kids begging for more each reading. We listened to many of his compositions and have decided he is a favorite.

Piano – I am so grateful we switched to Hoffman Academy. The kids are still begging to do piano now, and they are working harder and doing it more often which makes me feel like they are learning more. They are also practicing daily which was pulling teeth before. We plan to begin violin and drums in the next few months.

Fun Extras

Etiquette – The Etiquette Factory – We are still working through these each week. The kids enjoy learning a bit more of how to act and it seems to be helping in situations as well.

Typing – has been great still, the kids get so excited to tell me their scores after they do a lesson. I love seeing their progress and they are getting better each time!

We are excited to begin the next term this week and look forward to the many things we will be learning and discussing over the next 12 weeks.

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