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Audio books and stories are a hit or miss. Many times we start an audio book only to realize the reader is not wonderful and we end up abandoning the audiobook. I’ve learned to do a bit of research before just choosing any audiobook. One company we love to listen to is Heirloom Audio Productions. We’ve listened to many of their audiobooks so the kids and I were excited to listen to their newest addition In the Reign of Terror.

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About In the Reign of Terror:

In the Reign of Terror takes place during the French Revolution. The audio book follows a family during the revolution and addresses the reasons this war is not like others. From a Christian viewpoint, In the Reign of Terror, like all of Heirloom Audio Production’s audio dramas, takes the listener on a journey and helps them to see God in the midst of history. In the Reign of Terror is adapted from the book of the same name written by G.A. Hently.

Heirloom Audio Productions
A well thought through study guide is also available for download. The study guide gives a bit more direction and confirms an understanding of the audio book. The study guide also works with both the younger and older students, making it easy to use with the whole family. In addition to the questions the guide is also filled with historical information to add to the history lesson involved in the audio book.

How We Used It:

We listened to the audio book in the car on longer car rides. The two-and-a-half hour drama was broken into 20-30 minute chunks which is perfect for keeping their attention. After they had listened we discussed what we had heard.

This is also the time to use the study guide that accompanies the audio book. I chose to read ahead in the study guide, rather than use it directly with my kids. This allowed me to be prepared with some questions and have the extra information about the French Revolution available. Because I was prepared, it helped to make sure the kids were understanding while telling me their narrations and it led to a few extra discussions as well.

Our Impression:

As with the many other Heirloom Audio Productions, we loved In the Reign of Terror. I felt that the kids were getting a history lesson, character lesson and more in a great audio book. They were always wishing we didn’t have to get out of the car. So I would call it a win-win situation! I am sure we will be listening to this many times.


In the Reign of Terror

Bonus Content:

If you are a fan of Heirloom Audio Productions as well, they just began a great new program Live the Adventure Club. This club allows you to receive their newest audio dramas before they go on sale, as well as access additional content and resources online.

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