Homeschooling During the Summer

Why we Homeschool During the Summer…

We need structure.

Our family works so much better with a set daily structure. In order to make this easier on us all, we continue to do school throughout the summer.

We don’t do everything we have on the schedule, but we do a bit of it everyday and some days we make it through the whole day’s work. I have taken out a few subjects for over the summer which helps with the flow.

Our ordinary homeschool days start and we are done and outside right after lunch, if not before. Depending on who is focused that day 😉 So even doing homeschool during the summer, we still have most of the day to be outside. Plus the kids were begging to continue school and are still loving it!

How I plan our summer schedule…

Planning for the summer was easy this year. We had just finished up Ambleside Online Year 1 and we were ready to begin Year 2.

I used Ambleside Online as my guide and setup our Year 2 schedule in Excel. I break mine down into daily so that it keeps me on track and I don’t try to fit too much in one day. I like knowing what I need for each day instead of the whole week at a glance.

Each evening, I pull out the books we need for the next day, set them to the side.

Homeschooling During the Summer - Modern Momma Musings

As we do the work, I mark the item done on the schedule and write what we did in my planner for record keeping.

Some days we do the whole day, other days it may take two days to get through the days work. It’s summer, I am not stressing! What I love about Ambleside Online is the wonderful books we are reading. Our homeschool morning is almost completely filled with great books.

What subjects we ARE doing over the summer

We are actually doing most of our subjects over the summer.

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Religion
  • Science
  • History
  • Literature
  • Copy Work (Cursive)
  • Etiquette
  • Art
  • Nature Study

Homeschooling During the Summer - Modern Momma Musings

Math is more laid back, Sunshine and Mister Man both have dry erase boards which I fill with math problems for the day. They have to complete them before electronics time that day. When they do it is completely up to them. Right now, they are both loving math so they normally get it done right after breakfast.

Handwriting is the same way, I place their cursive (Mister Man) and copywork (Sunshine) with their math boards and they have to be completed by electronics time as well. Another thing that they seem to get done early so they don’t have to think about it the rest of the day.

As for the other subjects, we read our core subjects in the morning while coloring or working on legos, playdoh, something quietly. After a reading they narrate what I read before we move onto the next subject.

I do try to mix up our schedule so they have breaks between readings. We might do our science reading then listen to our hymn. Or do our history reading then do art. I’m still getting in the hang of this and will be trying to make it all work with our morning basket time in a few weeks when we begin our full schedule.

Lunches are eaten while I read our read-a-loud and the kiddos eat. This is their favorite point in the day!

Nature studies are done in the afternoon or sometimes early morning and the kiddos read for at least 30 minutes each day in the morning or evening. Some days they pick up their books for their quiet time as well. Every Monday, I have been giving them a goal chapter to read to so they have something to shoot for, and if they finish a whole book in a week, they get ice-cream!

What we ARE NOT doing over the summer

We are not doing our full Latin curriculum over the summer. Instead we are reviewing what we learned this past year, and also learning a few Latin prayers. We just finished learning the sign of the cross and we are getting ready to begin the Glory Be. As we master one, I will add another that they know in English so they can make that connection as well. I am learning with them, so it’s been a lot of fun!

We are also not doing grammar or spelling over the summer. They are doing copy work (cursive) and will begin dictations next month.

We have been listening to classical music in the background but are not doing any Composer Studies right now.

Or Artist Studies for that matter. We do look at some great famous artwork while we work through our Artistic Pursuits lessons but we haven’t done any true Artist Studies this summer.

In short, summer homeschooling has been a great addition to our lazy summer days.

Even stacked on top of swim team, pool time, play dates, vacations and more we have accomplished quite a bit of work.

Yes, many weeks it takes two weeks to complete a weeks worth of work. However, this has not been a problem at all. We are just working a bit slower through our work and letting our afternoons be all about the fun and spontaneity of summer!

Next month we will begin our normal homeschool schedule with all the extras mixed in, and we are all excited to get it all back.

The great thing is, we will still have time to go to the pool and enjoy the outdoors! Just another reason we love homeschooling!


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