I’d Rather Be Your Mommy – Book Review

We are book lovers around here. There is not a room in our house that does not have a book in it… literally, even the bathrooms. Adding books to our collection is a constant thing. Which is why I was excited that we were given the opportunity to review the book I’d Rather Be Your Mommy by Home School Adventure Co..

Home School Adventure Company
For our review, we were provided a digital copy of the book, I’d Rather Be Your Mommy , a digital version of the coloring book and the digital edition of the print set.

I'd rather be Your Mommy Coloring book
There are so many things out there for us to choose to do in our lives, everyday. Why is it then, that I choose, everyday, to be a mom? Is it because I have no choice in the matter anyway, definitely not. There is always a choice, not one I am willing to take, but a choice. I choose to be a mom, because this is my calling. This is what I was meant to do. There is nothing I’d rather be doing! I’d Rather Be Your Mommy makes it very clear to our children, there is nothing we would rather do than be their mommy!

One very important part of reading to me is the way the words flow, otherwise, for me, it’s hard to read anything aloud. There have been many times we’ve picked up books from the library, read them once and never picked them up again. If the words aren’t graceful and don’t have a flow, I don’t enjoy them, and I don’t think the kids enjoy them as much either. Luckily, I’d Rather Be Your Mommy has a good flow to the words and the older kids and I enjoyed reading the book to Sugar Plum. I’d Rather Be Your Mommy is very cute, catchy and meaningful, which makes a good children’s book in my mind.

I'd Rather be Your Mommy Book
The issue I had with the book itself, is that it was a digital copy. Unfortunately, it was too many pages and too much color, to print and bind myself, plus I knew that would get torn up easily being printed on my own. This led us to looking at it on my phone or computer, which doesn’t do the book justice. It’s always harder to cuddle up with an electronic device than to cuddle up with a book. However, I will say, it was nice to be able to flip through it on my phone when we were out and about – a plus for the digital version.

Some families will love the digital version, for our family it didn’t work as well. Luckily, for families like ours that would prefer a hand held book rather than a device, there is a print copy of I’d Rather Be Your Mommy as well!

As for the digital versions of the coloring book and print set, these worked just fine for our family. The coloring book was easy to print. I printed off a few pages for Sugar Plum to color at a time, when she finishes those, I like that I can print and re-print the pages.

The print set is adorable and something that would be a great addition to a bedroom, playroom, bathroom, etc. The colors are vibrant and you could have these printed at your favorite online printer easily. Frame them and place them in a room, instant artwork and an uplifting thought to go along with it!

I'd Rather be Your Mommy Print set
Overall, I think I’d Rather Be Your Mommy is an adorable book, with a lot of great, heartfelt, messages throughout. Because, as moms, there is nothing more enjoyable in life, than being a mommy!

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