Jesus Calling for Little Ones – Book Review

As my faith continues to grow stronger, I have found that I crave my time with God each morning. My mom bought me Jesus Calling a few years ago and I have loved it as a starting point in my morning reflections. It has always made me stop and think about the day before me and it helps to ground me before I take on the many challenges of the day.

Last year, when we started homeschooling, I decided to purchase Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids to be our starting point in prayer each morning. The kids and I have loved the devotions and they are a great way for them to get focused on our morning prayer time (devotion, prayer, saints, catechism).

After Mister Man, we passed on all of our baby supplies and books so I have been trying to build our library again. I was really excited when I was given the chance to review Sarah Young’s newest version of Jesus Calling – Jesus Calling for Little Ones.


I wasn’t sure how it would be condensed for babies but I was pretty sure it would be a great addition to our library. There is always room for another prayer book or bible.

When we received the book, Sugar Plum was napping so I opened the book and took a quick glance at the pages, the prayers are short and sweet and the illustrations are adorable. I was definitely excited to start reading this with Sugar Plum.


Mister Man was actually the first to read it to Sugar Plum. It was a sweet moment and one that will forever be in my heart. Mister Man was praying with our newest addition. It was like he was teaching her. Granted, I know she is much too young to get much out of it yet, but it was a touching moment and one I can’t wait to see grow as she gets older.


We’ve had the book for about a month now, and it is constantly pulled off the shelf and read to Sugar Plum. It is definitely a favorite read-a-loud and a great addition to our shelves.

Disclaimer –  I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook book review bloggers program. The opinions stated above are my own.

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