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Sometimes using the computer to work through a lesson can be a great help. This is why I was excited to review the Educeri Lesson Subscription Service from Educeri… Educeri a division of DataWORKS.

The Educeri Lesson Subscription Service provides your family with over 1,000 lessons in Math, English Language Arts, Science, History, Art, PE, and Music. Meaning there is an abundance of lessons for all of your children, Kindergarten through High School.

Educeri Lesson Subscription Service Reviews
In our homeschool we used some of the math lessons for extra practice. We are progressing into multiplication, the lessons were a way to practice what we had already learned and focus in on some of the items they still needed a bit of practice with.

We worked on money, fact families, addition, subtraction and word problems. For our family these lessons were supplemental practice. They already had the basis but these lessons gave them another way to look at the problems and extra practice with the subjects.

Educeri Review - Modern Momma Musings

In addition to the math lessons we also used a few of the Language Arts lessons for extra grammar practice. Sunshine and Mister Man both worked on capitalization through multiple lessons.

Educeri - Modern Momma Musings

Each lesson can be accessed on any device with an internet connection, making it easy to use on the road, at practices, etc.

We did a few lessons while waiting on the other kiddo at practice. Their tablets worked o.k. for this and it did keep them productive during the down time. But it was a bit more difficult than the computer just because of the screen size.

I was a bit turned off by the amount of text and additional information on each slide. The lessons became a bit distracting and it made it hard to follow along. If there had been one for the teacher and one for the student, I think this might have been better, but because we were all looking at the same screen it was a bit much to work past.

Many of the lessons have worksheets to give your student extra practice. While we tend to stay away from worksheets, this definitely makes it easy to check on the student’s comprehension of the lessons.

Educeri Lesson Subscription Service Reviews
If you are looking for something that aligns with Common Core this would be a good fit for your students. Each of the lessons that is aligned has a bar on the top to distinguish the lesson from the others. While we do not align with Common Core, I can see where this would be beneficial for those that do align.

Educeri - Modern Momma Musings

Educeri - Modern Momma Musings

The site navigation was easy simple, and made finding a lesson easy. The dropdown menu’s offer a way to find lessons according to each grade level as well as by subject. You can also use the search box to find exactly what you are looking for with a push of a button.

Educeri Lesson Subscription Service has a lot to offer homeschoolers, schools and parents, making it a good option if your student is in need of extra practice or as an extra to help your student learn more about a subject that he/she finds interesting.

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