Links from the Week – January 2018 – Week 1

Links from the Week - Modern Momma Musings

Reading other blogs and posts is one of my favorite things about social media. I love seeing other points of view and learning more about topics from other bloggers. I am excited to use this weekly feature, Links from the Week, as a place to share those great blogs and posts I think you might be interested in as well!

Without further ado – Week 1 of 2018

:: Links from the Week ::

Childhood and Creation – Mothering Spirit
Life just looks so much more beautiful from a child’s point of view. I loved how Laura, at Mothering Spirit, put those little day-to-day things that kids get so much pleasure out of into a perspective of the beauty from God. The world to a child is wonder and we need to embrace this outlook more often for ourselves.

Prayer Pledge – ACTS – Blessed Is She
Blessed is She is doing a beautiful prayer pledge over the next few weeks. They are breaking down each form of prayer using “ACTS” (Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving, Supplication). I am loving the explanations and prayers for each blog. There is a great printable to correspond with each week as well, making it a great reference later. If you are looking to delve deeper into your faith this year, this a great way to start.

Why adults have to stop trying so darn hard to control how children play – Washington Post
The world has changed since we were kids and even more since our parents were kids. We have scheduled playdates instead of knocking on doors to see if they can play. This article laid out a great example of why we need to let our kids be kids and stop trying to control their every move. They need to learn how to work through things themselves, even though this is difficult to watch happen.

Wynton’s Twelve Ways to Practice – Arban Method
I loved these simple yet very useful ways to practice. I actually printed them to put at my kids desk for reference.


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