Links From the Week – Week 2 and 3 – April 2018

Our house is in disarray, we are remodeling our master bathroom and I’ve been pulled in many different directions over the past two weeks. My morning time has been a bit less as well, with having to get ready earlier to ensure the bathroom that 4 of us are sharing is ready for the next person. That being said, there have been some great articles over the last few weeks. Enjoy!

Links from the Week - Modern Momma Musings

12 Hilarious Parents on What It’s Really Like to Raise Siblings – Perfection Pending
These were making me laugh while also realizing we’re not alone!

How to Be a “Next Door” Saint According to Pope Francis – Catholic Mom
Have I mentioned I love Pope Francis. He has a wonderful way of helping us see the beauty and love in our lives. Great insight into the Pope’s Apostolic Letter from last week. We need to open our eyes to the little details. We are being called in different ways to be holy. See those little details that make up our lives and help us bring Jesus to others.

Your Good Enough is Perfect: Why It’s Ok To Be Imperfect Catholic Mom – Not So Formulaic
The struggle is real! This was a wonderful reminder on why and how we need to focus on the beauty that we have been given and strive to see that even in the hard times. We are good enough.

When Your Child Needs Extravagant Grace – the Better Mom
Sometimes we need to remember that our kids deserve kindness and grace too. This was a refreshing reminder that we need to pass grace on to our children sometimes even more than we need to lecture them.

Do Not Read That Now, You’ll Read That In 5th Grade – Circe Institute
I have a voracious reader. One who takes any book off a shelf, begins the book immediately, finishes in a few days and enjoys reading multiple books at a time. There was a time when I told him not to read the books because we were going to read them the next year, or later. But I realized about a year ago, these are classic books he wants to read, and unless the subject matter is too mature for him, there is no reason he can’t read it now and then read it again in a few years. In fact he just finished The Hobbit and loved it, he’s excited to get to read it again in a few years. He has reread books we read in previous years as well. He loves books and gets something different out of them each time he reads them. A great book is meant to be read again, and again, and again….

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