Links from the Week – Week 3 – February 2018

A week of craziness has finished. There were some very interesting articles this week amidst the craziness. Enjoy a few of my favorites.

Links from the Week - Modern Momma Musings

It’s Not Just In Your Head: Self Care for Moms of Gifted Children – Not So Formulaic
I have never had my son tested, but there are many parts of him that I am pretty positive lead to giftedness. That being said, it could all be in my head too. However, I did enjoy reading this article about self-care for moms of gifted kiddos. Good advice and links to help with the difficulty of the day to day asynchronous development of a gifted child.

For These 40 Days, Francis Pushes Pause – Whispers in the Loggia
Have I mentioned I love Pope Francis. I also happen to love the Lenten season. So combine the two and I am all there. His words for Ash Wednesday hit my heart and have opened me up to a better way of looking at our Lenten promises: pause, see and return.

After Decades of Pushing Bachelor’s Degrees, US Needs More Tradespeople – PBS
I’ve been convinced the college system would change before our kids started college. This article discusses why we need more tradespeople in our country now. It’s a shift that has gradually started and, in my opinion, will continue. What do you think about tradeschools v. traditional college?

Stop Tellings to “Be Careful” and What To Say Instead – Backwoods Momma
This is another one of those articles I read and was nodding my head the whole time. Yes! This is precisely what we need to be doing, letting our kids explore and learn their own boundaries (unless it’s a very unsafe situation). They need to push themselves and be who they are in their explorations. We have a tendency to let our fears push into our kids lives. It’s difficult for all parents to let go, but I know I am continually working on letting them be their own persons. As Charlotte Mason says, “Children are born persons.” Yes, and we cannot make them into someone else. Let them Be!

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