Links From the Week – Week 4 – March 2018

It’s almost Easter! This week is one of my favorites, spiritually. I hope that you all have a blessed Easter Triduum! Here are my favorite links from this week.
Links from the Week - Modern Momma Musings


Have Mercy on Me – Blessed is She
We all know that Judas turned his back on Jesus. We know that he was the betrayer. But many times we fail to see our own failures for Jesus. The times we make his suffering worse from our actions. I loved the simple prayer at the end of the daily readings. It was an eye opener to the times I fail Jesus. We are all have a little bit of Judas in our own lives. Let us try to make more room for Jesus.

#momfail vs #supermom: Lessons from the Cross
As moms we have a tendency to feel like a failure more times than not. There is no handbook to raising our children. I loved the comparision of motherhood #momfails to the three days between the crucifixion and the resurrection. But with hope and faith those days are not lost, they are leading us to something much greater.

Entering into the Triduum – Modern Catholic Mom
My favorite masses of the year! Yes, it’s hard with three kids (one being a squirmy, loud, almost 3 year old) but it’s so worth it. This year, Sunshine (9) even had the opportunity to be a part of the feet washing on Holy Thursday. She felt so blessed to be a part of the mass, and it makes the mass that much more memorable. Both of the older kids talk about how much they love having the opportunity to touch the cross on Good Friday. And the candlelight entrance during the Easter Vigil is something they look forward to each year.  While it may be hard to make these masses work with kiddos “The good news is that God’s not expecting us to be perfect in this attempt, just that we show up and we try our lousy best.” God is watching us all, he loves that we are trying even when it feels like we are failing.

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