Links from the Week – January 2018 – Week 2

This was a week of good blogs and tweets – literature, body image and fashion. Here are a few of my favorite links from this week.

Links from the Week - Modern Momma Musings

8 Benefits of Reading Classic Literature – Gifted Guru
I definitely believe in reading the classics (that is part of why we use Charlotte Mason as our homeschool guide) they can transform you and stand the test of time. There is nothing like reading a book and loving it because it pushes you a little harder. Lisa at Gifted Guru gives a few great reasons to read those classics even if they intimidate you.

When Your Body Has Betrayed You – Under Thy Roof
After two placental abruptions and two kids in the NICU and that the risk of it all happening again is extremely high, I do feel like my body has betrayed me. I always wanted more kids and there is still a bit of that lingering through the storm. But I know God has other plans for me too, and I just need to keep my head up and follow His lead. This article was a great read to remind us that we need to love our cross and there are ways to deal with the feelings of betrayal.

Center for Lit tweeted a GK Chesterton Quote that I just loved! Then again I love G.K. Chesterton…

“People wonder why the novel is the most popular form of literature; people wonder why it is read more than books of science or books of metaphysics. The reason is very simple; it is merely that the novel is more true than they are.” -G.K. Chesterton

Number of High School Students Who Have Sex Drops – The Daily Signal
I was both angry and happy when I read this article. Angry because of things like,”The curriculum was so extreme that 40 percent of young people actually said they felt more pressure to engage in sex from their sex ed classes than from their boyfriends or girlfriends!”  and “Most people just assumed kids were having sex. And maybe that’s part of the problem. We’re so busy teaching about birth control that we don’t even bother with self-control.”. Happy because changes are finally being made and I grateful my kids will not be a part of the sex-ed classes.

Meghan Markle Could Change Royal Styles as We Know It – Here’s Why – Verily
Something lighter and fun. I have been a fan of Meghan Markle since starting Suits. There’s just something about her. Now that she’s becoming royalty, hopefully she will still stand out in her own style. I suppose we’ll see here soon.

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