Links from the Week – Week 2 – February 2018

Another week, another great list of reads. Grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy! Here are our Links From the Week:

Links from the Week - Modern Momma Musings

Kids Need Risk, Fear and Excitement in Play – The Inertia
All I can say is “Yes” this is so true. Kids need space to explore and try new things without worry.

Tales from Shakespeare – Sage Parnassus
Nancy does a great job of recapping why Tales from Shakespeare is one of their favorite books. I cannot agree more. This was a groundbreaking book for us as well. It began a love of Shakespeare that I had never known and opened my kids up to Shakespeare in an easy (yet very well written) way. My son has a love of Shakespeare at age 7 and continues to grow that love daily.

2018 Lenten Photo Journey – Catholic Sistas
I participated partially in this last year and I am hoping to do it more this coming Lent. It’s so fun to have a challenge to work through and this one was great because it made me reflect on Jesus’ life, love and suffering during Lent. Anything to help me focus on the season at hand is great for me. Will you join in the journey as well?

The Inspiring Faith of the Eagles Comeback Quarterback – The Daily Signal
I knew little about the Eagles quaterback, Nick Foles, but I have learned so much in the last week after his Superbowl win. First of all, the game, the commercials, the half-time show, this is what the Superbowl should be like. I loved every minute of it. Secondly, to have an MVP that shows so much humilty, faith and appreciation is something that you don’t see much any more in the world and in particular, professional sports. This is the type of player I want my kids to look up to. Not the Kaepernick’s in sports. I have no ties to Philadelphia, but I am excited for the city, the players and am inspired by Foles’ story.


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