Looking Closer at the Great Inventors with the A Journey Through Learning – Review

We’ve been taking learning a step further with lapbooks lately. It’s been a good way for my older two kiddos (8 and 7) to learn to do research and find the facts. While lapbooking is not a normal thing for our Charlotte Mason environment, I don’t mind adding in a bit of research when they are having fun doing it as well. We had the opportunity to use the The Greatest Inventors lapbook from A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks and it was a great chance to dig a little deeper into those great inventors from history.

The Greatest Inventors Lapbook Review - Modern Momma Musings

About The Greatest Inventors lapbook:

The Greatest Inventors is a all in one study guide and lapbook combination. The lapbook and informational pages are all in one downloadable .pdf file making it easy to print and use. The lapbook is intended to be used with children in second through eighth grade, making it a great product for a wide age range in a homeschool setting.

Greatest Inventors Lapbook with Study Guide
The instructions and pictures are included in the .pdf to help you setup your lapbook. Each of the lapbook pieces also has a little area on the top of the page which shows you where to place the piece when you have completed the research, making the layout and setup a breeze.

How We Used The Greatest Inventors:

I downloaded the .pdf and immediately printed the packet. After looking through the instructions, I gathered the materials needed (scissors, stapler, glue and the file folders) and had it ready for the next day.

The kids took turns reading the informational sheet and then worked on finding the information to put on the lapbook pieces.

Because we were working on the lapbooks altogether, I let them find the information and I wrote the facts they told me on the lapbook pieces. If they were working seperately on the lapbooks, they could have easily done this step on their own.

The Greatest Inventors Lapbook Review - Modern Momma Musings

Once we had completed the piece, we cut it out and pasted it in it’s spot on the lapbook. We worked through a few inventors each week and they enjoyed doing the readings and the fact finding.

Our Impression:

The kids were excited to learn more about inventors so it was a fun project. The informational study guide included in the packet was packed full of information so it was nice to be able to find the facts we needed without searching ten places. However, I did wish there was a more detailed list of additional books for each inventor. I think that would be nice for the upper grades. If you took a bit of extra time and dug a bit deeper into the different inventors you could even add a bit more to the lapbook as well or create a file folder for each inventor.

Overall, we enjoyed using theThe Greatest Inventors lapbook resource. I think it was great way to look at inventors and with a bit more research it could be an even deeper discovery lapbook. If you are looking to do an overall study on inventors, The Greatest Inventors lapbook is a great way to spark that interest in your kids.

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