Mommy Exhaustion

Somehow through countless hours of lost sleep and being “on our game” we, moms, seem to find a little more energy. There’s something that comes with motherhood that lets you push through even the most tiring times.

I’m in that moment now. I’ve been at the hospital NICU for 48 hours straight. The days seem to last forever and I can hardly keep my eyes open but somehow I’ve found the strength and energy to continue pushing. 

My sweet little angel is sleeping in a crib next to me. I know in order to grow she needs me to nurse her. 

In order for her spitups to cease without the use of a sling, I need to hold her for at least 30min after her feedings. 


And of course mommy snuggles are beneficial in so many other ways as well. 

While its difficult sleeping in an uncomfortable recliner and being awakened by beeping alarms; I know we are getting one step closer to getting home. 

Somewhere, somehow I’ve found the strength.

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