Motherhood and my body type…

Sometimes it’s hard to see myself in a mirror.

I continually compare myself to my high-school athlete self.

I forget to remember that was over 15 years ago and I’m a mom!

I’ve had three kids. They are my life.

I’ve worked hard and given a lot of myself over these years of motherhood and I intend to give more.

But regardless of that I also intend to take care of myself.

I plan to take time for me.

I plan to make time for my health.

No, I’ll never be the skinny tennis star I was in high school.

No, I’ll never have those perfect size 4 jeans I wore when I was a teenager.

Instead I’ll bear the affects of three pregnancies and the scars of two emergency c-sections.

I’ll show the mommy tummy that seems to forever live in my midsection.

I’m ok with that!

I’m not ok with hours each day at the gym.

My basement with dumbbells is enough for me.

My kids are my priority.

Yes, I’ll be healthy, but not at the expense of losing the precious moments with my children.

They are my priority… Not my figure!

I may not be a size 4 anymore, but I don’t care. Judge me all you want.

My kids are my life now and while I want to be healthy for them, I refuse to sacrifice time away and hundreds of dollars spent for a gym membership when I am capable of being healthy with my eating habits and working out before they wake.

No, you won’t find me at a gym mid-day unless I’m watching my kids at gymnastics and ninja warrior.

I don’t want to be the mom who drops off and leaves I want to be the mom who sees their feats and can applaud them afterwards.

I want to be present.

My figure is the least of my worries!

Because they won’t care what I looked like, they’ll care that I was there through it all!

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