Perfectly Imperfect – Birthday Reflections

Yesterday was my birthday, so I took the day off…. Who am I kidding life doesn’t get a day off. With 3 kiddos, one that is still 100% dependent on me, and a wonderful husband, days off are very rare. But regardless, we tried.

What was supposed to be a night out of oysters and wine, became a very different evening plan. Grandma picked up Sunshine and Mister Man for the evening while I waited to hear from Brian about his timing. Brian’s deposition ran longer than anyone expected and Sugar Plum was cranky, so we decided on a night-in instead of that night-out. I called in an order for dinner, Brian picked it up and by the time he was home, I had fed Sugar Plum dinner, given her a bath and was nursing her before putting her to bed.

While I was busy upstairs with Sugar Plum, Brian began to prepare a nice area at our dinner table to eat. He’s such a thoughtful guy, trying to make my day perfect despite the change in plans. I arrived downstairs to see him hustling to get it ready; after a sweet smile, laugh, hug and kiss, we decided to eat at the counter standing as we do every night. It just seemed fitting. As we were beginning dinner, he mentioned he drank the rest of my wine… “Ummm ok. It’s my birthday don’t I get to drink a glass of wine?” but then he surprised me by opening a bottle of my favorite wine, 7 Deadly Zins and pouring me a glass of that instead… did I mention he’s thoughtful?

What ended up being a very normal evening for us; dinner and a movie, was actually more delightful than I could have imagined.

It was a quiet dinner, no kids arguing or playing at the dinner table, the movie we watched was the perfect movie for the day – Love the Coopers. I had not heard of it, but Brian had and said he thought I would like it. After watching the trailer, I was all in. What a great movie. There were so many moments and lines that made me think and smile or cry (yes, I am a sucker for introspective movies).

It was the last line when Alan Arkin says, “Such a fuss about everything when everything we wanted was right in front of us.“… and cue downpour. Yep, this line hit a cord in my heart and the tears emerged. Everything I want and need is with me Every. Single. Day. I am so very blessed to have such a wonderful family, and they are the reason for waking up and living the life I love. They are what completes me in every way. Even on crazy days, hard days, and days when all the plans get thrown out the window, being with the ones I love fulfills my life in so many ways.

Perfectly Imperfect

Sometimes, we just have to take a step back and realize, it’s right there in front of us…

perfectly imperfect - modern momma musings

Perfectly imperfect.

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