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History is all about digging a little deeper. One of the ways we love to do this is with a good book. One great resource for these historical biographies is Heroes of History from YWAM Publishing. We had the pleasure of reviewing Heroes of History- William Bradford and it was a wonderful addition to our Ambleside Online Year 3 studies of the Pilgrims.

Heroes of History - William Bradford Review - Modern Momma Musings
Heroes of History has a plethora of historical books. From Christopher Columbus to Ben Carson and everywhere in between! These narrative biographies are great books to enhance your studies throughout history.

I assigned Heroes of History- William Bradford as a free read for my two oldest kids (7 years old and 8 years old). They read it easily and really enjoyed the book.

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The book is written in a great narrative form, which made my kids think they were actually traveling alongside William Bradford. The book starts in his native England and follows him along his journey on the Mayflower and through his struggles and accomplishments in the Plymouth Colony. Most chapters are less than 10 pages long and easy to read, which made a chapter a day work well for my kiddos and it gave us time to discuss the book more in depth as well.

Heroes of History - William Bradford Review - Modern Momma Musings

As they read, I worked through the great study guide for the book with them individually. The study guide was a great way to bring in even more opportunities to dig a bit deeper. We worked through the many great quotes, which were pulled out for me from the book. The kids had fun thinking about what they meant in the time of the Pilgrims and what they mean to us now.

We also did map work which the study guide nicely laid out in the Social Studies section with the page numbers listed from the book. This made it easy for me to know which map to pull out and when! To top it off, the maps were provided in the Appendix of the study guide as well!

I loved that the study guide laid out a plan for a display area. Unfortunately I did not have an area to set everything out, but I had pulled a few of the things and stored them together. This allowed me to bring out certain items when they were appropriate for the chapters they were reading. I think we all enjoyed having the extra items and it did not require a lot of extra prep time on my part which is always nice when you are adding things into your school day.

The study guide also provided great questions for each chapter. I had my kids narrate what they had read and then I used the study guide questions to help me form discussions to go a little deeper into their narration. If we didn’t do narrations these questions would have been a great way to ensure they were reading closely and understanding what they were reading. The vocab and questions to ponder sections were also very helpful as we discussed what they had read.

For an even more in-depth look at the hero, there is also a section containing extended learning projects. There are some great ideas for essays, hands-on-projects, creative writing and arts and crafts. I am excited to work on these options soon. The books and resources section provides great additional books to provide more information on the things that were happening during the historical events of their readings.

The kids enjoyed reading Heroes of History- William Bradford and I will be adding more books from the Heroes of History series to our curriculum. They were a great way for the kids to get more information and make their history studies an experience.

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