Reasons I Love Babywearing – Top 5 Places to Babywear

I knew very little about babywearing when Sunshine was born. Now I couldn’t imagine life without my wraps, slings and carriers.

When I first started researching babywearing the only thing I knew of was the Baby Bjorn carriers they sold in Babies R Us. I did register for one, and soon found it was not the carrier for me.

I loved having my hands free, but the Baby Bjorn was not comfortable for me to use so I started doing some more research. It didn’t take long before I decided to go with a Moby Wrap. Then my obsession with babywearing began.

Moby Wrap - wedding
Getting through my sisters wedding with a 9 month old – Moby Wrap

I am definitely an advocate for babywearing, there are so many benefits for both mom and baby. If I could only pick a few things to do in the first few years of life they would be: breastfeeding, babywearing, reading to your child and making your own baby food. Seriously, these things are so important in my mothering mind.

rainbow Maya wrap sling
Getting things done at home – Maya Wrap Sling

For today, lets stick with babywearing. Here are my top 5 Places to babywear.

  1. Home

    The only way things get done in our home is because of babywearing. Wrapping a kiddo up and getting to work lets me bond while getting the house clean, prepping dinner, homeschooling, etc.. Having my sweetheart close to me allows her to be comfortable and safe, while allowing both of my hands to be free to clean those dishes that have been piling up since breakfast.

    Moby wrapped newborn
    Moby Wrapped newborn
  2. While Shopping

    Do you realize how overwhelming a store or crowd can be for a baby? It’s so much stimulation and a world unknown. Babywearing, keeps them close and secure with you. This helps them cope with the world and not become overstimulated. It also lets you leave that heavy, oversized car seat in the car. Giving you more space in the cart and hands to load and unload the cart as well.

  3. Church

    My normal Sunday routine is to change her diaper before we leave, breastfeed her right when we get there, wrap her up and head into church. This allows her to sleep and be comfortable in her carrier while I can participate in the mass. An added bonus is that I have both hands free to help keep the older two in line during mass as well.

    Out and about in our Seven Sling
    Out and about in our Seven Sling
  4. Nature Walks

    We love going on hikes and trails throughout the year and carrying a baby on my arm or chest doesn’t allow for much movement n my part. On our nature walks we do a lot of bending down , looking close and exploring. Baby wearing allows me to move about without the uncomfortableness.

    Swimming with a newborn - Babyette wrap
    Swimming with a newborn – Babyette wrap
  5. Pool

    Yes, the pool. There are wonderful mesh baby wraps and slings made specifically for using with your baby in the pool! We love ours! It keeps baby close while letting them experience the water safely. Brilliant!

Traveling by train with our Babyhawk carrier
Traveling by train with our Babyhawk carrier

Where do you love having the option to babywear?

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