Last year, when I began delving into our homeschooling journey, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine was one of the first digital magazines I began reading. I caught up on previous issues and was always excited when the newest edition arrived online. They had so many great articles, reviews and inspiration for a homeschooling mom. At the time, I looked into their membership, but never got around to actually purchasing a membership.

This past month I got a chance to take that next step with a Yearly Membership for As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I received a complimentary yearly membership to the site in exchange for my honest review.

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About is an online membership community for homeschoolers. Members receive online access to online classes
online electives, printables, resources, planners and more. offers homeschool parent support for preschool through high school. From elementary online classes to homeschool planners and checklists, there is something for all homeschooling families.

Our Experience:

After going through the very simple setup process I began perusing the site. There is so much to see, print, learn and do… it’s almost overwhelming – in a good way of course!

The site was very easy to navigate especially when I browsed by grade level. Narrowing my search made it easy to find something that would work well with my kids. There are 6 different categories, Preschool/Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, High School, For Parents, & Resources for Members. These categories made it very easy to find what I needed and quickly narrow down the options.

Once I’d gotten to the elementary page there were links to each subject available in this category. I am always looking for new literature units and fun ways to teach grammar so I immediately clicked on the Language Arts tab.
Language Arts Schoolhouse Teachers-

There were quite a few items to choose from. After browsing I decided on a literature unit and daily word puzzlers. Both seemed that they would work well with our laid back Christmas schooling and would be fun easy additions.
Literature Unit Schoolhouse Teachers-

One of the books we have in our Advent book-a-day gifts, is The Clown of God by Tomie dePaula which was why I choose to download the Literature Discussion Unit by Adam Andrews.

Clown of God - Literature Unit Schoolhouse Teachers - Modern Momma Musing

The unit laid out a great discussion plan, including setting, characters, conflict, plot, theme and even literary devices. It was easy to mold it to fit my 5 and 7 year old, but could have easily been used for older children. Because my kids had not had a full discussion of antagonist, protagonist and conflict, I appreciated the visual storyboard for helping with that discussion.

We simply read the book, talked about the questions provided (with answers for my reference) while using the book to find more information when needed (a skill we are still working on quite a bit). After we had a nice discussion, we filled in the storyboard and I think this is when it all came together. Using this study, helped us to go much deeper into the book than we had before and the kids had a much better understanding and connection to the book after our discussion. I plan to use this study again with some of the other books we have lined up for read-alouds this year and in the years to come.
Daily Puzzlers Schoolhouse Teachers -

I also downloaded a few Daily Puzzlers for both kiddos to complete over Christmas break. I decided on these because I wanted something fun, but educational for them to do during our break.

Word Puzzlers Schoolhouse Teachers- Modern Momma Musings Word Puzzlers Schoolhouse Teachers- Modern Momma Musings

These were great at making them think outside the box. The Daily Puzzlers were critical thinking, spelling, sequence activities – now that’s a mouthful! Using letter tiles the kids followed the directions to spell a word from a clue, then change that word into other words, using a specific set of letters. Here’s an example from one of the puzzlers they worked on:

  1. Using t, l, e, t, l, i – spell a word meaning “to allow” (let)
  2. Reverse and add a letter to mean speak. (tell)
  3. etc.

They used spelling skills, followed directions, problem solved and had a great time throughout. We will be continuing these throughout the year.

Our Opinion:

Overall, I was very pleased with the two items I downloaded from SchoolhouseTeachers. I felt the site was easy to navigate, but I was disappointed that I had to download each piece of the units separately, I wish there had been a way to get one .pdf with all the files especially for items like the Daily Puzzlers. With 100 .pdfs it gets a bit tedious. Other than that, the items were well written and easy to use. My kids enjoyed both items and I am already making a list of other items I’d like to use later this year.

In addition to the many items for your children, there are multiple resources for you as a parent and teacher. There are planners, record keeping programs and checklists as well as access to all the issues of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

There is really something for everyone. Both to supplement or to use as the main curriculum.

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For Our Readers:

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