Taking a Step Back From Social Media

It seems weird in today’s society to be checking yourself out of social media. I have always enjoyed seeing friends’ pictures and updates, and until the last year, I never had any trouble. But over the last year, I feel like it has been taking priority over other things I should be doing and has been causing a bit to much anxiety in my life.

taking a step back from social media - modern momma musings

It started to seem that every free moment I was checking Facebook and Instagram. Photos were taken and immediately posted because, everyone wants to see how cute this is, then I’d wait to see comments and likes. Constantly checking in was becoming a distraction to the other things I should have been doing instead.

I was spiraling downward quickly and I could see it happening, but it was something I couldn’t stop without really thinking about it. It was an addiction of sorts.

I knew more about people I hadn’t seen in forever, because of social media. I could tell you things from the newest outfit they just bought to the house they were buying. Knowing that much, all the time, completely takes away a real conversation. It leaves nothing to the person-to-person conversation. I miss that person-to-person conversation, even a phone call or text message at least gives a more personal connection.

In addition, I found myself comparing my life to other’s lives. I was constantly seeing what so and so did and wishing I had more time to do that type of thing too. I was becoming jealous and seeing others lives as better, because they seemed to have everything in order and the time and money to do much more than I could.

I am extremely blessed in my life, I have a beautiful family, an amazing support system and life is exactly how God has intended it to be. Why was I letting someone else’s news influence how I felt about myself and the stage of life I am in right now? I was dreaming of bigger and better things instead of living the life I have been given.

This is not the person I want to be.

For these reasons, I have finally decided enough is enough.

I have taken my Facebook and Instagram apps off my phone, and set the Chrome News Feed Eradicator for Facebook on my computer which blocks my newsfeed. I am keeping my profile because there are a few groups I take part in that post events, reminders, etc. within Facebook. For those groups I have setup an email notification so I do not have to check Facebook unless I have gotten a notification.

I will still be posting to my blog Facebook page and Twitter through Hootsuite, but my personal page is not going to be updated and I will not be liking and commenting on people’s posts.

Hopefully, this will encourage good old conversation, free up time to spend doing other things, and create less anxiety in my life.

Here’s to a Facebook and Instagram Free Lifestyle.

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