Books. Books. Books. – Booklist – Advent and Christmas Booklist 2015

Books. Books. Books. – Booklist – Advent and Christmas Booklist 2015

Over this past Advent we read quite a few great books to help us celebrate. Here is our complete booklist from our Advent countdown, read-a-louds, and even some extra Christmas books we had available to pick up and enjoy. Our favorites are indicated with ***.

Christmas and Advent Booklist - Modern Momma Musings


***The Family Under the Bridge – Natalie Carlson – We really enjoyed this one, it was a quick easy read that had a heartwarming story.

***A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens – LOVED this! I even think the kids ended up getting more out of it than I realized. So glad we started this tradition.

Advent Countdown and Extras (alphabetical)

A Charlie Brown Christmas – Charles Schulz

Christmas in July – Arthur Yorinks and Richard Egielski

A Christmas Prayer – Amy Parker

***The Christmas Miracle of Jonathon Toomey – Susan Wojciechowski

The Christmas Story – Isabelle Brent

The Christmas Story – Tara Larsen Chang

The Christmas Witch – Steven Kellog

***The Clown of God – Tomie dePaulo

The Gift of the Magi – O. Henry

A Humbug Christmas – Tobin Fraley

I Love Christmas – Collection of Christmas Stories, Poems, Carols and More – Walter Retan

Joy to the World – Christmas Stories from Around the World – Saviour Pirotta

***The Last Straw – Frederick Thury

The Legend of the Poinsettia – Tomie dePaulo

***The Little Fir Tree – Retold from Hans Christian Andersen by Cathy Goldsack

The Little Star of Bethlehem – Christine Felicelli

The Man of the House at Huffington Row – Mary Brigid Barrett

Merry Christmas, Little Critter – Mercer Mayer

Mooseltoe – Margie Palatini

Mucky Pup’s Christmas – Ken Brown

***The Night Before Christmas (multiple versions) – Clement Moore

Nonna Tell Me a Story – Lidia Bastianich

Nutcracker – ETA Hoffman

***The Polar Express – Chris Van Allsburg

Rudolph’s Second Christmas – Robert May

***Silent Night – Will Moses

***A Small Miracle – Peter Collington

The Story of Christmas – Linda Jennings

***Timmy’s Gift – A Christmas Story (Precious Moments) – Samuel Butcher


Christmas and Advent Booklist - Modern Momma Musings

Our Christmas book collection seems to continue growing, year after year. I love adding new books and rereading the old favorites.

Now it’s your turn…. what are your favorite Christmas books?




A Christmas Carol Read-Aloud

A Christmas Carol Read-Aloud

This year, we began a few new Advent traditions. One of those is reading aloud the beautiful book, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

A Christmas Carol

I made sure to purchase one with enticing illustrations and, after checking out a few versions at the library, I found the P.L. Lynch illustrations were my favorite, however there are quite a few choices.

A Christmas Carol - Dickens/Lynch

I read the book many years ago, but never out loud. I am amazed at how the words flow off my tongue so naturally. The way Dickens writes is stunning and a perfect example of the type of books I want my children to be exposed to in a read-aloud.

While I realize A Christmas Carol is written in a language more easily understood by adults, my 7 and 5 year old are still enjoying it even if they are not grasping every word. The words are like music to your ears, somewhat like an opera performed in a foreign language, you do not understand what is being said but the sound of the words makes you connect with the opera in an emotional and beautiful way. Dickens sounds just like that, emotional and beautiful.

Unfortunately, we have read a few books aloud that I found myself wishing we could stop. I noticed the writing is not well done, the sentences don’t flow as I hoped, but the story-line is there and I want to show my children we don’t quit something we start. However, in my mind, I am wishing I could find a different way to get through them. We persevere but in the end I think we are all glad when they are finished.

Even my young children can recognize when a book is not written well. You can see their eyes glaze over and they begin to lose interest. When a book is written well, they are almost put into a trance. They come in closer, and are still as they listen. Even when they are not grasping every word, they are trying to take it all in because it sounds beautiful.

I know my kids are not getting everything that I am out of  A Christmas Carol, and I would never expect them to. I believe exposing them to the well written, emotional story is something important. They know the basic premise already so we are building on that knowledge as we read, and the exposure to the language of Dickens is priceless.

Seeing their faces light up as they are brought into a new world as we read is worth every minute. I plan to read this every year as our tradition and I expect that they will catch more, see more and connect more with the story each year.

Your turn. Are you reading A Christmas Carol to your young children during this advent?