Games that Go the Extra Mile – Enlivenze FlipStir Rainbow Pencils Puzzle Review

Enlivenze FlipStir Rainbow Puzzle - Modern Momma Musings

Timing could not have been more perfect, one week before we left for our road trip to Arkansas, we received the FlipStir Rainbow Pencils puzzle from Enlivenze LLC!

FlipStir Puzzles Reviews
I am always looking for games for the kids to play on road trips, something that will break up the electronics overload that seems to mean road trip to a kid! It seems like every road trip I try to purchase one game for them to use in the car and in the hotel room during down time. Since it’s hard to travel with many pieces I look for games that are self contained and easy to play while moving. We’ve tried magnetic games, and while I think these will work well when the kids are a bit older, at their ages right now (7 and 6) the magnetic games eventually have pieces lost on the floor mats and whining kids because they cannot reach the piece.

For this reason I love games that have no pieces to lose! Which is why I absolutely love the games from Enlivenze LLC. When the FlipStir Rainbow Pencils puzzle arrived to review, the kids were more than excited to get to play the game.

It’s like the new rubix cube. The object of the game is to use the wand to move the pieces into the right place to create the puzzle.

I will be honest, this game is hard! Which means that the kids concentrate for a while before getting bored! Neither kid has been able to solve the puzzle, yet, but that hasn’t stopped them from trying. They pick it up many times a day and used it quite a bit on our road trip as well.

FlipStir Rainbow Pencils Puzzle - Modern Momma Musings

There are five FlipStir games to choose from, and every time you play it’s a little different! Because the pieces will never move just the same way, it will always be a new challenge!

The games range in level and theme. There are two levels for your players and for each there are a few different choices. They have Rainbow Pencils and Tyrannosaurus Rex for the level one games, as well as Solar System, Statue of Liberty and Periodic Table for level two players.

The Enlivenze LLC FlipStir games are meant for kids 7 and up, although my 6 year old loved the game as much as his 7 year old sister. I can definitely see why this would be harder for a younger child to enjoy so I think the age range is accurate. The concentration and time to play is definitely not for the easily discouraged! Even I enjoyed taking a turn before the kids were antsy to get it back to play.

The game worked great on our road trip. It was easy to pack (small and simple). It was quiet so it was easily used while Sugar Plum was sleeping. It has also been used quite a bit at home, making it one of the kids favorites! Plus you can play it together or alone. The kids worked together to try and solve it, as well as by themselves. It’s hard to find a lot of games that are good for one person that are not electronics so this is a definite plus!

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FlipStir Puzzles Reviews

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