What Makes a House a Home?

What makes a house a home? Is it the furnishings or personal style? The people who live there? Or the memories created there?

When does a House Become a Home

These are the questions I have been pondering as we take on our new chapter in our life. The big move.

After almost 11 years we are moving our family into a new home. As we pack our belongings, it’s hard not to reminisce about the many years and memories we’ve created in our home.

This was our first home together as a married couple. We were young and excited to start our life together.

Those first few years, we filled it with mostly hand-me-downs from family and bought cheap decor to fill in the blank spots. It was a hodge-podge to say the least. But as the years went on, we gradually replaced those hand-me-downs with our own style and the house reflected more of us and less of a random collection. Did this make our house a home? While this definitely reflected our style and made it more of us, in my opinion. I think a house becomes a home on a deeper level.

Lets dig a bit further.

Since we were the first of our friends to get married and buy a house, we were often the ones hosting parties and providing a place to just hang out. There were many karaoke parties that led to a house full of friends singing into the morning and then crashing on the couches and extra beds (thank you hand-me-downs). It was the party house early in our marriage. We made a lot of memories with friends and family during this period in our life. Was this when our house became a home?

Party House

Or was it when we brought our children home? At that point our house went from the party house to our family house. It was the place our kids learned to crawl, walk and ride a bike among so many other things. Was this what made our house a home?

Bringing baby Sunshine HomeCuddles with Mister Man

It’s fun to reminisce and think about the memories that are floating around within the walls. While I may never know that moment when our house became a home, it did at some point. Sometime during our 10+ years here, our house became more then just the structure, it became the place we called home, started our life together and began our family.

Now we begin our next adventure.

We’ve outgrown our first home and are moving into a house which will allow room for the kids to grow with ample space and amenities. While we are excited to embark on this new journey, it is sad to think about all the memories our first little house holds.

Our new house will hold many new adventures and memories, but I wonder how long will it take to become a home?