Top Daily Needs For Momma

Top Daily Needs For Momma

These are the daily needs for momma on any given day.

  1. Coffee
    Daily needs for Momma - Modern Momma Musings

    This is a must have first thing in the morning. Right after I’ve nursed Sugar Plum at 5:00am, I head downstairs for my freshly brewed coffee. I actually look forward to the next few hours of just me, coffee and God (see #2).

  2. Me Time
    Daily needs for Momma - Modern Momma Musings

    This is how I start my mornings. around 5:30am I head downstairs, start the fire (it’s chilly right now) and set my morning box on the side table. This box contains my bible, spirituality book of the month, journal, highlighter and pens.  Then I pour my coffee and my computer and sit in my comfy chair. At this point I’ve got all I need for a few hours of me, my thoughts and prayers. Everything else can wait till 7:30 or 8.

  3. Hugs

    Seriously, is there anything better than a big bear hug from anyone! They are the one thing that can make me smile at any time and when it’s from one of my kiddos it’s even better.

  4. Something Sweet

    My name is Alexis, and I’ve got a sweet tooth. Something sweet in the afternoon makes the rest of the day go much better! A little ice-cream at night, to end the day, doesn’t hurt to either, but I’m trying to cut that back a bit cause I’d like to loose this baby weight sometime before summer. 🙂

  5. Blogs

    I absolutely love reading my Feedly feed every day. There are so many great bloggers out there. I took the time to organize my feed which allows me to focus on one type of blog at a time. Using my time more wisely has been something I’ve been working on lately. Organization of the blogs I read has helped me focus and get through them easily and more efficiently than before.

  6. Music

    Background music is a must in our house. I don’t think there is a day that goes by without a bit of music. What we’re listening to depends on the day, we have very eclectic tastes and our Spotify playlists are all over the board!

  7. Good Book(s)

    I always have at least one if not 2 or 3 books in process at a time. Most of the time my list includes a spiritual book of some sort, an education book and a novel or historical book. I read these books at different times of day too, spiritual in the morning, education throughout the day when I have time, and the novel/historical book before bed. This is all in addition to the prereading I may be doing on any given day for our homeschool. Did you happen to notice we love to read around here!

  8. Family

    Daily needs for Momma - Modern Momma Musings
    This is the top thing on my list. They are my life! I love my family and am so grateful for each and everyone of them. They push me, test me, help me grow and teach me so many things all while making me the happiest momma in the world. Love them!