Time For Us – Mother-Daughter Bonding Over Coloring Books

Time For Us - Mother - Daughter Bonding Over Coloring Books - Modern Momma Musings

Since my kids were small, I’ve colored with them in their coloring books. This is fun but nothing like the mother-daughter bonding Sunshine and I enjoy with our coloring books and colored pencils. In fact, I bought Sunshine a mandela coloring book so that we could color together, but once she saw my big thick Wonderland Coloring Book from Amily Shen, she wanted one for herself. So on our date day, she picked her very own grown up coloring book so we could color together.

Time For Us - Mother - Daughter Bonding Over Coloring Books - Modern Momma Musings

And color we did, for a few hours! We enjoyed the beautiful day with some music, a coloring book and some colored pencils. It was delightful!

From the moment my Wonderland Coloring Book arrived, I was itching to get started coloring. The book follows along with the Alice in Wonderland story and it is beautiful!

Time For Us - Mother - Daughter Bonding Over Coloring Books - Modern Momma Musings

I love that the words on the page are an inspiration for the illustrations. There is something wonderful about getting lost in words and a bit of color!

The illustrations are gorgeous and not overwhelming which, in mommy time, is nice. I can feel as if I accomplished a whole page of beauty and it doesn’t take days and days to complete. Some of the pages have extra space for your own additions, which is a fun extra for those creative types. However, even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, this type of coloring book, is a wonderful way to relax, no artistic abilities needed. Just let yourself go and embrace the extra white space!


So if you enjoy Alice in Wonderland, are looking for a coloring book that will inspire your creative juices, or want a fun way to bond with your kiddos, this Wonderland Coloring Book is a great option!

Time For Us - Mother - Daughter Bonding Over Coloring Books - Modern Momma Musings

Relax and enter the world of Alice.

Disclaimer –  I received this book free from the publisher through the Blogging for Books bloggers program. The opinions stated above are my own.

Emotions on Overdrive – NICU Homecoming Emotions

Emotions on Overdrive – NICU Homecoming Emotions

After 7 weeks and 2 days in the NICU we have made it back home! It’s been a long haul with many ups and downs, but we all made it through and are home as a family for the first time since Sugar Plum was born.

Home From the NICU - Emotions

I am filled with many NICU homecoming emotions as we begin our life as a family of 5.


We finally made it home.
Relief… to be at home with everyone instead of splitting my time.
Relief… knowing Sugar Plum has made it over the hurdles.
Relief… we made it through a tough time in our family’s life and we are stronger because of it.

Sibling Story Time


We finally have our whole family together.
Excitement… we can get back to our normal routines with the addition of our littlest one.
Excitement… the kids are excited to have Sugar Plum and mommy home again.
Excitement… having our family together, finally.


There is so much hope in my heart.
Hope… there were times I thought we’d be in the NICU for months, but with a little faith and hope we made it through and back home 4 weeks before her due date.
Hope… for the future.
Hope… for all the amazing things to come for our family.


There were machines for everything that could go wrong.
Fear… we just have a simple monitor that beeps to tell us something is not quite right.
Fear… we are in charge of making sure she is breathing, sleeping, eating, pooping, etc..
Fear… it’s all up to us. Sugar Plum’s well-being was under the supervision of the doctors and nurses, now it’s all up to us, the untrained parents.


With the fear comes an overwhelming sense of faith.
Faith… there is a greater plan.
Faith… that everything is in God’s control.
Faith… that we can handle whatever comes our way because we are never given more than He knows we can handle.
Faith… that we are growing, learning and becoming better parents every step of the way.

It’s been a long journey and we have only started the next step. With hope, faith, prayers and love we will overcome. One day at a time. Soaking it all in moment by moment. We’ve got this!

Hard to Leave – NICU Mommy Guilt – Leaving Older Siblings to Spend Time at the NICU

As a mom it’s easy to feel guilty about pretty much everything.

NICU brings mommy guilt to a whole new level. While I was aware of the blaming yourself for the whole situation; never did I think that I would feel guilty for spending time with my preemie.

NICU Mom Struggles - Leaving Big Siblings to spend time at the NICU

From the moment I leave in the morning, the time I spend cuddling with my little bundle, to the drive home… the guilt is there. This is not brought on by anyone but myself, but it is definitely there.

Because we homeschool, we are all used to me being with Sunshine and Mister Man 24/7. It’s not easy for anyone, especially the kiddos, to suddenly change that schedule and only have about 5 hours of quality time with me daily.

We are lucky enough that they get to spend the day with Daddy, but it is still a sudden change.

Sunshine is enjoying her extra time with Daddy and soaking up what little time I have with them as well. Mister Man, however, has taken it the hardest. I’m positive he is a Spiritual Child, so any change is harder for him especially when it is sudden, unexpected and daily.

Each morning, he grabs my hands and begs me to stay home with him or bring him to the hospital. This is a constant until I finally get in the car and drive away, waving to him in his window. Guilt.

There are some days when I will let him tag along for the day. He loves spending time with Sugar Plum and me, but it is difficult to talk with doctors and give Sugar Plum the attention she needs as well. So I try to limit this to one time per week. Guilt.

It’s been so difficult leaving him upset in the morning. I feel like I am letting him down, but I know his baby sister needs me as well and Daddy is there to help calm him down.

It’s a struggle all around. When I am at the hospital I am wondering what the kids are doing with Daddy and if I should be there more. When I am at home, I am wondering hot Sugar Plum is doing and if I should be with her more. It’s a double edged sword and it seems no one is winning the fight. Guilt.

I am hopeful Sugar Plum will be home soon and our lives can go back to what we consider normal. It’s always crazy, I don’t expect that to change, but at least we can be a family together instead of being so spread apart. Plus I love our crazy lives, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

How about you. Did your other kids have issues with you leaving to spend time with your preemie? How did you handle the constant struggle?

Balance – NICU and Other Children

Finding balance while your baby is in the NICU is very difficult. Especially when there are siblings involved. Unfortunately, it seems you are being pulled in too many directions at one time. Add this to the stress and emotions of just being in the NICU and you are in for a roller coaster of issues.

Finding Balance While in the NICU

For us, this has been quite difficult these past 5 weeks and I am sure it will continue until we are a complete family again. Sunshine and Mister Man are striving for my attention, while I am feeling like I need to spend as much time with Sugar Plum as is possible. There are just not enough hours in the day. Luckily, I know it will not be for too long, but it seems like forever when you are living through it.

When I am at home with Sunshine and Mister Man I am wondering what Sugar Plum is doing and if I should really be there. Then the opposite happens, when I am in the NICU with Sugar Plum, I am wondering what Sunshine and Mister Man are doing and if I should really be with them. It’s a constant battle and lose-lose it seems.

One of the things we have been really blessed with is Daddy’s flexibility. We work for a family business that has allowed my husband to take Sunshine and Mister Man into the office each day while I spend 8 hours with Sugar Plum. Then I leave around 2:30 and pick up the other two kiddos so we can have some time together before dinner and bedtime. Some days I will take one of the kiddos with me to the hospital so they can hang out with Sugar Plum and I. They seem to really enjoy these days, and it helps with the issues that arise with them being in small quarters together all the time. All of this is great, except it seems like this is not quite enough for them right now.


We’ve seen quite a bit more acting out, tantrums and issues with not listening. Even though I know it’s because they went from having me with them literally all day long; to having me for a about half that amount of time. It’s so tough for them to understand what is going on to begin with, and they really can’t understand why mommy has to leave early each morning and isn’t there when they wake up.

Mister Man seems to be taking it the hardest. There have been countless mornings when he has been balling at his window waving as I left, or running into the garage crying uncontrollably. It’s so hard to leave without feeling guilty. Then as the day progresses his tantrums and other issues begin. It seems like a never-ending cycle right now.

Sunshine has been taking it more in stride, but I can tell she’s having some issues with it all, as well. She’s much quieter and reserved and has been having issues listening as well.

We are hopefully halfway done with our time in the NICU so I am hopeful our lives will go back to normal soon. I am so ready to bring our little Sugar Plum home so we can go back to our normal routine and I can spend time with all the kiddos instead of having to choose.

What about you, are you, or did you, have any issues with siblings while your littlest addition was in the NICU?