Taking a Dip – What to Pack for the Pool with Littles

As a mom, the pool can be a great outlet for all your kids energy, and they love it too. The hassle comes in getting everyone ready and figuring out what to pack for the pool. Making sure you have everything you need before you leave the house.

Pack for the Pool - Modern Momma Musings

With three littles, one still in diapers, packing for the pool can take a good 15-20 minutes. Considering we seem to be at the pool daily, that adds up to a lot of time! While I know it will be easier by mid summer because we will have a good rhythm, it still takes a lot to remember everything you might need.

Pack for the Pool - Modern Momma Musings

Here’s what we pack for the pool in our daily pool bag:

Because we live within walking distance of our pool, we load up our pull cart and walk to the pool. This allows us room to put everything in our sports cart and we can make a cooler to hold the drinks and anything else that should stay cool.

Pack for the Pool - Modern Momma Musings

Having an extra ice pack is a nice way to keep babies cool and entertained.

Pack for the Pool - Modern Momma Musings

Our kids love the pool and having a nice list of the most needed items helps me to be packed and ready in a shorter time, which makes everyone in the family happy!

So what do you pack for the pool? Anything I missed?

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