The Tough, Beautiful Job of Nurses

A nurse friend of mine posted this story last night about what takes place behind the scenes of labor and delivery.

I couldn’t hold back tears as I read the blog. It seemed as if the nurse was writing the story about the delivery of Sugar Plum.

I was the woman bleeding, Sugar Plum was the one being revived.

It wasn’t me. But it was so similar, that the emotions of the day came rushing back to me.

But last night, they were tears of joy.

Tears of happiness knowing we were blessed with a healthy baby girl, after so much work from nurses and doctors.

Things could have been so different.

Nurses give their hearts to their patients, they are there in the toughest and scariest moments helping everyone involved through the highs and lows.

Nursing is a very tough job and it takes a special person to be there for the ups and downs, the good and bad. But great nurses have an outpouring of love for their patients and they are the reason for the little things that need to be done and more importantly those big things too!

They are the smile and word of hope. The encouragement and shoulder to cry on.

We were blessed with the most wonderful nurses during our stay in the NICU.

They were the smile in the morning when we arrived.

They were the words of encouragement when there was a setback.

They were the answers to questions that were weighing on our minds.

They kept us in good spirits when all we wanted to do was cry.

And when we did cry, they were there to talk through it and be a shoulder if we needed it.

In short, they were amazing!

Thank you to all of you that helped us through it all. And thank you to the ones that are helping other mommas everyday.

Nurses - Modern Momma Musings

You all are amazing!

Have you had a great nurse in your life? Or maybe many nurses… tell us about the nurses that have touched your lives!


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