Tiny World – NICU Poem – Reflections on our time in the NICU

This poem was written while sitting bedside with Sugar Plum. It’s a reflection on our time in the NICU. Enjoy.

Tiny World - NICU Poem



Tiny World

Peaceful slumber
Fighting girl
NICU baby
Tiny world

Containment holding
Doing everything
For you

Pumping momma
Day and night
Freezer storage
Filled so tight

Heart rate
Sats and CO2
Monitor beeping
Something new

Watching, waiting
Hope that soon
You’ll be home
Growing bloom

Little fingers
Tiny toes
You’ll get stronger
This we know

Mini fighter
Stubborn girl
One step closer
Tiny world

Beautiful eyes
Open up
Gassy smiles
Fill us up

Billi light
Make you stronger
Through the night

IV fluids
Blood is drawn
breathing machines
All day long

Good morning sunshine
Sleep tight, hun
One day soon
Our worlds are one

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