Tot School – Beach Fun

Sugar Plum is now 16 months and we are just beginning our learning journey. When Mister Man was this age we began Tot School and he loved every minute of it. Now that Sugar Plum is at this age, it is going to be a fun addition to our homeschool.

The beauty of Tot School is it is just a fun learning opportunity through play. There is no lesson, per say, but more of a guided play time. Between books and toys and things around the house, tot school is a great way to focus their attention to new things and teach them at the same time.

This will be the first of many Tot School posts so enjoy!

Tot School – Beach Fun

The past two weeks we road tripped to the beach. We had such a great time and even though we took a break from our normal learning routine, we found that there was a lot to learn while we vacationed! Here are some of the things Sugar Plum enjoyed.

Sand Play

Tot School - Beach Time - Modern Momma Musings

Scooping, pouring, running it through her fingers. She had a blast just exploring the sand. She spent much of our time at the beach sitting in the sand with and without toys. This was a great way for her to explore her surroundings and learn about the properties of sand.


Tot School - Beach Time - Modern Momma Musings

Part of our trip was on the shell-filled beach of Captiva Island. While we were there, Sugar Plum had a great time picking up and exploring the many shells around her and in particular the buckets full Sunshine brought back to the beach chairs. Between moving the shells from one spot to another and then back again, to feeling them and occasionally trying to eat them, she had a lot of learning time with her shells.

Waves and Water

Tot School - Beach Time - Modern Momma Musings

This was Sugar Plum’s first experience on the beach and the waves were one of her favorite things. She loved walking on the beach right at the shoreline letting the wave come over her feet and recede again. She would giggle and run her hands in the water as it touched her feet. She even experienced the sinking feeling in the sand when the wave recedes and takes the sand with it.

Pool Water Play

Tot School - Beach Time - Modern Momma Musings

Sugar Plum loved playing in the water. We splashed, kicked our legs and even went under a few times with giggles on the up side! She has been watching her big brother and sister swimming and you could tell she has been picking up a few things here and there cause she was all about the water!


Tot School - Beach Time - Modern Momma Musings

She loved the birds! She would point at them all as they appeared. While she would say “duck” for each one, it was something we were able to help her recognize as a bird and something she grew very interested in as the trip progressed.

Other Animals

Tot School - Beach Time - Modern Momma Musings

With the beauty of the ocean nearby, we had the pleasure of seeing many animals we don’t see on a day-to-day basis here in Missouri. Sugar Plum got to see alligators, fish, birds, ducks, manatee, dolphins and more. Just mentioning the name of each when we saw them will go a long way in her learning.


Tot School - Beach Time - Modern Momma Musings

As I was sketching some designs from nature in my notebook, Sugar Plum decided she would like a try. She had a blast marking all over my paper with my pen. It was great for her motor skills and she had a blast making her own design.


Of course we brought along a lot of books with us about the beach. We had a blast reading them and looking at the pictures throughout the trip. A few we especially loved were – To the Beach by Thomas Docherty, Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle, and A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle.

So a great few weeks of Tot School and vacation! This week we will be back to our normal grind. After a few weeks off it will be nice to be back on our normal routine and schedule!

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