Watching Shakespeare and Relishing the Moments

I never would have dreamed of reading Shakespeare to my kids when they were so young. My call to homeschooling and delving into the beauty of living books, has opened them (and me) up to a wide range of ideas, authors, and a taste for great literature, not to mention a love of history and science.

I’m pretty sure I had never seen or heard any Shakespeare until I was in high-school. My son however has been listening to me read Shakespeare (and has read a bit on his own), for a few years now.

He’s seven. Almost half of the age I believe I was when I was exposed to the Bard.

This thought crept into my mind while me son and I were at a local Christian Youth Theater production of Macbeth. He was the youngest kid in the audience. But he probably knew more about the story of Macbeth than most of the people there. In fact throughout the show he was whispering what was going to happen next in my ear. He knew the characters, the personalities and the plot.

He was living in the moment. A part of the moment. He was seeing Shakespeare come to life.

These moments of relations happen all the time. When he finds something he loves, he digs in deep and finds everything he can about it. He does this with dinosaurs, Star Wars, baseball, history, Shakespeare and more. He is great at making the connection between one thing and another and that connection many times leads him to his next investigation.

I feel so blessed to get to be a part of this life he’s living. I am forever grateful for this homeschool life which gives me that chance to help him grow and investigate each of these ideas. Seeing it all come together in an “a-ha” moment.

I cannot imagine not having this front row seat to his education.

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