We’ve only just begun – 2015/2016 School Year

We’ve officially started our second year of homeschooling (Sunshine -6.5 – second grade, Mister Man – 5 – first grade).

Last year was our first year homeschooling and I was extremely nervous about starting. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to handle everything required.

Homeschooling can be very intimidating.

You are taking a step in an unknown direction; reading, preparing, praying. You’ve decided to take your children’s education into your own hands. You’ve got no teaching experience, no teachers aid or help of any kind. It’s all in your hands, well, God’s hands, but you are his messenger. It’s a scary step. A step requiring faith, prayer and a lot of tweaking along the way.

After a few weeks into our first year, we had gotten into a rhythm and it was quite fun. More fun than I could have ever imagined. There is nothing quite like being a part of your kids learning experiences. I feel so blessed to be there for everything they are learning instead of just hearing about their day at school. Plus, their learning can be continued easily into the rest of the day, considering you know exactly what has been discussed. It’s a great way to strengthen their understanding by incorporating it into their everyday life.

As the year progressed, we made a few changes/additions to the way were learning but stuck with the basic plan throughout the year.

By the end of last year, I felt much more confident. Sunshine and Mister Man had learned so much and were excited about learning. I felt like it was a successful year and I was confident about preparing for our next year.

This year, we’ve added another baby to the mix. While I am definitely more comfortable with the teaching aspect of homeschooling, I am now trying to balance teaching both older kiddos, while attending to a newborn.


So far, Sugar Plum has been very accommodating. She’s slept, been great with being in her sling or interacted with me while I worked with the other two.

Homeschooling with a newborn

I am sure as she becomes more independent it will be a bit more difficult. But for now, we’ve started to get our rhythm back and we are loving it!

Luckily, there were very few changes from last year, so I feel very comfortable with the material and the way it is presented. I did a lot of prep this year to be more proactive with our additional living books and extra activities. Hopefully this will keep me from scrambling the week before to get what we need for the next week’s projects/books.

I will say, I love our library system, but I am having a heck of a time trying to get the books on hold at the right time.

Most of the books we are using are inter-library loan and sometimes quite popular, which puts me in line to receive them. These possible issues require me to be sure to account for the extra days/week before they will be available. On top of that, I never really know when we will actually get to the books I need. Unfortunately, if they are inter-library loan books you cannot renew them which means we need to be done with them by their due-date or we will be paying quite a bit in fines.

It’s been a balancing act to say the least. I am hopeful that as the year progresses I will get better at the timing of the process. Some days, I wish I was rich and could just buy the books to have here. I’d love to have that sort of library… ****daydreaming****

So far we are off to a great start.


And for our wonderful readers I’ve got a nice freebie for you soon. In the next few weeks I will be breaking down the subjects and providing our living books list for each subject. I figure, I’ve done all the extra work, why not make it easier for someone else!

Have a great week!