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Long drives. Quiet time. Just because. These are only a few times we use audio books. Sometimes, even a classic book, can be easier to understand when read via audio book.

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In addition to books, you can use podcasts and audio adventures. Our favorite line of audio adventures is definitely the Heirloom Audio Productions adventures. We have enjoyed many of them already (you can read our reviews here) and we just had the opportunity to listen to their newest addition Captain Bayley’s Heir.

Captain Bayley's Heir

About Captain Bayley’s Heir:

One of the greatest things about the adventures produced by Heirloom Audio Productions is the way they make history come to life and find a Christian standpoint for the story as well. It was no different for their newest addition.

Captain Bayley’s Heir takes place during the Gold Rush in America. Following Frank through his adventures from England to America. The listener experiences the struggles, triumphs and heart tugs throughout the story. His troubled past is moved closer and closer to peace and understanding as he encounters the many other characters in the story. In addition to the great plot in America, the listener also gets to see what life is like in England after he has left. The weaving of their stories is a beautiful story of the struggle of life and finding redemption.

How We Used It:

As with most audio books and adventures, we listened to Captain Bayley’s Heir in the car for a few days. The older kids always love listening and even my youngest enjoyed the story this time around.

We broke the story up over four 30 minute drives (give or take) and they were excited to hear the next part of the story every drive.

The online, Live the Adventure Club let us dig a bit deeper into the story. The study guide was a great help in preparing me for what we would be hearing on the audio adventure. I loved having a few extra questions about the gold rush to get the older kids thinking a bit more about what they were listening to that day.

There are also many interactive activities for the kids to work through online which help guide them through the adventure on a deeper level as well.

And if your kids like to listen and read along to the story, they can listen online and see the script as it’s read which is a great way to build their reading skills as well.

There are many other items within the club including posters, soundtracks, e-books, teaching materials and more. It was definitely a great addition to the audio adventure.

Our Impression:

As with the other Heirloom Audio Productions the kids and I enjoyed the stories. You could see their little heads wrapping and imagining each scene. The audio is done so well that you are immediately taken to the scene and it’s easy to get lost in the story.

I loved that there is a redeeming character. The uplifting story along with the struggle is always a reminder that we are all sinners but God will help bring us back to him if we open our eyes and let him.

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