Back to School Season – Our Favorite Homeschool Supplies – More Than Just Books

While we have been homeschooling all summer, it is back to school for almost everyone else this month. As homeschoolers, we don’t have the resources and extra supplies provided for us. It can get very expensive to buy all the different things you might need.

After a few years, I’ve learned there are many things we do not need and a few homeschool supplies that just make homeschooling easier. Here are a few of our favorite supplies.

Top 5 Homeschool Supplies

Top 5 Homeschool Supplies - Beyond Books - Modern Momma Musings


We have a small laminator, it has been wonderful for giving a little extra support for printables. We’ve also used laminated sheets with dry-erase markers. Our laminator helps with any printable that you want to last more than a few uses, especially with a toddler.

Magic Erasers

This is my newest discovery and I am not sure how I didn’t try it before. Magic Erasers are wonderful items for cleaning dry erase boards! I’ve tried the normal erasers made for the boards, as well as a damp paper towel, but they never seemed to get everything off. The magic eraser works wonderfully! Before you throw out your dry erase board because it’s a mess of leftover color, try a magic eraser.


I feel like I need to print something almost daily. A printer is a must and the combination with a copier makes the deal even better. We have a wireless printer so I can print from any room in the house, making it very convenient when I remember that last minute printed page I need.

Paper Cutter

Most of the cutting I need to do is a straight cut, our simple paper cutter has been great at shaving off time, not to mention, keeping my fingers from getting sores from the scissors. With our paper cutter I can cut multiple sheets at once making the time needed much less which means I can move onto the other gazillion things on my to-do list.

Extra Pencils

I’m not sure how it happens, but my kids go through what seems like a pencil a week. Between losing a pencil and sharpening it so small only a toddler can hold it, they are a constantly being replaced. Having a large supply of extra pencils has been a must. As soon as I notice the pencils getting low I grab another box.



These are our favorite homeschool supplies over and above the books. What are some of your favorite extra homeschool supplies?

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