Baltic Amber a Natural Teething Remedy – Necklace and Bracelet Review

When my first child, Sunshine, was born, it was the beginning of my worrying about BPA and chemicals. I had been aware before she was born, but I was not nearly as in tune to the many items that had harmful chemicals and side effects.

This was especially true in regards to medicine.

I have always been a only when absolutely necessary type personality when it came to medicine for myself. But it is much easier to know when is necessary with your own body. It’s a lot harder with an infant who can only cry when something is wrong. At the same time I didn’t want to be giving her medicines that were pumping her with harmful chemicals either. It’s a very thin line as a new mom.

Eventually I found some great all natural products to use and one of those wonderful products was an amber teething necklace. It was amazing the difference when she was wearing the necklace versus when she was not. It was one of the main items I recommended to new moms.

Amber is a natural pain reliever. When warmed by the body it’s high succinic acid becomes a therapy without all the harmful chemicals. Research has shown the amber is:

is natural pain reliever, is anti-inflammatory and central nervous system calmer, improves immunity and balance of acids when absorbed into bloodstream, stimulates thyroid glands to help reduce drooling when used for teething, soothes red inflamed cheeks.

Unfortunately, we have long since passed on our amber necklace to friends with new babies, so I was very excited to be given the opportunity to try and review an Baltic Amber teething bracelet from Amber Crown.

When we received the bracelet I initially thought “This would be a great gift.” It was packaged in a beautiful box and inside the bracelet was wrapped nicely with tissue paper. A great initial presentation.

Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet

The next day, I decided to try it out. Sugar Plum is only starting to teeth, but I can definitely tell they are bothering her a bit.

There was a slight problem though, the bracelet was much to large for sugar plums wrist and ankle. Keep in mind she is only 12lbs and was a preemie so she is quite small for her age. I think it would have fit perfectly for a larger baby, but it immediately slipped off on Sugar Plum.

Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet

I emailed Amber Crown and told them my issue. Their customer service was wonderful, and I was soon supplied an amber necklace to use instead. The necklace looks identical to the bracelet, but is much larger.

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

A few days later, Sugar Plum was getting used to having a necklace on and after a week of wearing it during the day (never let your baby wear it to sleep) her crankiness has definitely been less. I am not saying it took it all away, and there could have been other factors that made her less cranky, but when she was wearing her necklace I could definitely tell a bit of difference. The drool however was the big game changer. She has been drooling non-stop, but with the necklace on, her drooling is minimal.

The bracelet and necklace both have knots between each bead and a great twist latch to close and open makes it easy to use and safe. I love the idea of the bracelet, as the necklace seems to get stuck under her neck and I find myself pulling it down to make her more comfortable. Otherwise, it’s easy, cute, safe and it really works!

The amber necklace is a great addition to our teething remedies and I am very excited to try the bracelet more when Sugar Plum is bigger. I would recommend and do recommend amber for teething babies. It’s a great option and one that I have found over 3 kiddos actually works!


I was supplied an Amber bracelet and necklace to review. The opinions stated are my own.

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