This Beautiful, Wonderful, Amazing, Crazy Life

Life around our house is CRAZY! The family business has been extremely busy (a wonderful thing to be) and on top of that we’ve been preparing for three parties at our home in the next three weeks. AHHHH!!

When the company gets busy, many times I am called in to help out. That was the case three days this week. For the three days I was gone it was difficult. When I returned home all I wanted to do was get a few cuddles from the kids and go to bed. I was cranky and just not a good mom. The day had worn me thin and I couldn’t flip the switch. I definitely have a new respect for mothers that work away from home. I am not sure how you do it!

I feel so blessed to be able to stay at home with my kids each day. Being away from them, especially Sugar Plum, was extremely difficult. Three days out of five, I was gone all day long. Sugar Plum was definitely feeling the stress too. She would not let go of my jacket on the third day, it was difficult to walk out the door. Then yesterday I was with her all day and she wanted to be cuddling all day long. I’m sure we will both be glad to get back to normal this coming weekend.

Did I mention we are planning three parties on top of it all! Yes, we will be having people, in our home, the next three Sundays! While I love to entertain, the timing of everything had me a bit overwhelmed. However, all that being said, I am so lucky to have a husband who has been so much help in getting things ready to go! Without his help and my trusty to-do list I don’t think everything would have gotten done.

In fact, we are actually ready for the party this weekend, minus a few little things that can’t be done until the day of. And we are almost completely ready for the second party, next weekend, as well. In spite of the craziness when I sit back and look at my to-do list I am doing just great!

It’s amazing how craziness can make you appreciate so much. If I take a step back and break it all down, the blessings continue to amaze me. Every complaint has a counter blessing. I am feeling extremely blessed this week, despite the stress!

It might be stressful and crazy, but it is a beautiful, wonderful, amazing, crazy life, and it’s ours!

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