Books Books Books – Booklist – April 2016

April Booklist

Here’s what we have been reading in April. Enjoy!

Books Books Books - April Booklist 2016 - Modern Momma Musings


The Borrowers – We finished this a few weeks ago and we all loved it. We had a lot of fun pretending there were borrowers in the house and talking about what they were taking for their homes.

Pinnochio – This is our latest read-a-loud. We are all loving this. They have seen the movie but the book is so much richer and more interesting than the movie and we are all noticing that as we read. We should be finishing this one up next week.

Morning Time Reading

Our morning time still consists of the same books and we are loving them all still. Morning time and evening reading time are our favorite times of day! The morning time books are: Parables of Nature, Blue Fairy Book , Just So Stories, Tales from Shakespeare, James Herroit’s Children’s Treasury, and Aesop


AmblesideOnline Poetry: Year One – The kids are loving this poetry as much as the others and I have been loving reading poetry daily with the kiddos.

Picture Books

Muddy Paws Busy Day – Finger Puppet Book – This is sure to get a laugh with the finger puppet. Sugar Plum cannot get enough.

When You’re Not Looking – This is a funny book that is extra large and colorful which is great for Sugar Plum.

Read Alone – Kiddos

Squanto: Friend of the Pilgrims – Mister Man has been loving the Clyde Robert Bulla books and this one has been especially fun for him, as he made the connection of John Smith with our reading of Pocahontas. It was so fun to see the connection come alive for him. He thought it was the neatest thing to have them intersect!

Riding the Pony Express – Mister Man loved this one as well. The Bulla books have been quick easy reads that both kids are enjoying right now.

Star of Wild Horse Canyon – Sunshine is reading this at the moment and loving it. She struggles to finish a chapter book I think it may be that she gets bored but it seems like she gets started and is excited to read them and then just abandons them half way through. We are working on this and one way is that I am doing more of the picking of books for her and the Clyde Robert Bulla books are easy reads and less intimidating than the ones she was getting about horses from the library. I’m hoping this will help in her book choices later on and the ability to finish a book. So far she has loved the few that I have picked out for her to read.

Audio Books

Redwall – We just finished this one (all the books in the series). The kids loved it! Such a fun adventure story with great characters and the reading was wonderfully done!


We are still loving  Our Island Story and we added in Viking Tales which have been a lot of fun too. Both kids are loving these which makes reading about history much more fun!

Pocahontas– This is another one the kids thought they knew the story from the movie but loved the book and the illustrations are beautiful as well. The connections the kids are finding in other books has been a fun extra to having read great books about history.


Our Island Saints – We are on the last saint right now, and will be finished next week. We’ve learned a lot about the saints and will continue our saint studies next month, but until then it will be the Bible for our religion readings.

We officially finished AmblesideOnline Year One studies this week and will begin Year Two studies soon.

What’s on your reading list this month?

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