Books, Books, Books – Booklist – October 2015

October has come and gone. We’ve been reading a lot and we just started a nightly read aloud time before bed cuddled up on the couch. It’s been absolutely amazing! Great way to end our days and get in a few more minutes of family time! The kids have actually asked for more and more chapters each evening instead of quiet time in their rooms….no complaints there!I love that they love books so much!

Booklist - October

Here’s a booklist of the many books we’ve read (or are still reading) this past month.

Just for fun Read-A-Louds:

  • The Indian in the Cupboard (in process) – I remembered loving this as a child and was excited to share it with my little ones. I have been so happy to see them enjoying it as much as I did!
  • Geronimo Stilton, This Hotel is Haunted – This is one Mister Man chose to read for his own day to day reading. I am not a fan of twaddle books, but this was one we had sitting around that came in a set of random books. It was a Halloween type read and so I let him read it for his daily reading with me. I was surprised by how much he enjoyed it and immediately wanted to read the another of this set. While I wish he wanted to grab something with more substance I am letting him read these to get his reading jumpstarted. He is finally wanting to read on his own and I am in no way going to discourage that.
  • Winnie the Pooh – Sunshine is still working on this beauty but she is almost done and is getting excited to know she read the whole thing!

Picture Books:


  • Leif the Lucky – This was a fun addition to our Viking study. The kiddos loved the illustrations and D’Aulaire’s writing made the vikings and their discovery of America come to life. We’re spending some extra time on the Vikings due to the kids interest level so we are starting D’Aulaires Norse Gods and Giants tomorrow.



  • We’ve been talking about New York the past few weeks. We’ve really enjoyed They were Good and Strong a great, simple memoir of Lawson’s family history in America. It was easy for the kids to follow and a fun way to see lives connect.


  • Why Beethoven Threw the Stew – We just started incorporating this book into our music studies. It’s been a fun, easy read for all of us to enjoy. It’s entertaining and funny so the kids are learning about the composers while laughing and seeing them as real people. The descriptions of their compositions has helped them to understand the music in a new way and really get a good understanding of what they were putting into their compositions.

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