Books, Books, Books – Booklist – September 2015

The month of September has come to a close and here’s a booklist of the many books we’ve read (or are still reading) this past month.

Just for fun Read-A-Louds:

  • Stuart Little – This book was a great, easy read that led to some fun discussions with the kiddos.
  • Homer Price (in process)- We just started this as our newest read-a-loud. We have loved McCloskey‘s other classics: Make Way For Ducklings, Blueberries for Sal, Lentil, Time of Wonder, and One Morning in Maine. So we were excited to read our first McCloskey chapter book together. So far it has lived up the hype. The kids are laughing out loud and we are just having a blast!



  • Burgess Bird Book for Children (in process)- We love this. The kids love the perspective from Peter Rabbit and are learning so much about birds as we enjoy the beautiful writing style and stories. It really makes you feel like you are there in the orchard meeting the birds as they arrive for Spring. We are only about 1/3 of the way through and are adding a bit of extra notebooking to enhance our reading. This is our main science text and we are using the Apologia Flying Creatures textbook as a secondary source to learn more in depth about birds (Opposite of my initial plan – but it is working very well for us). We are also accessing our Field Guide and Audubon books to add a bit more to our studies.


  • Time of Wonder – This was a great book to enhance our study of Maine. We borrowed it from the library but I will be adding it to our home library soon.
  • Blueberries For Sal – One of our all-time favorites. The kids ask to hear this one multiple times a day!
  • Lighthouse Seeds – Another great addition to our study of Maine.
  • The Sea Chest – Sweet story to add to Maine. I think I enjoyed it more than the kiddos though.
  • Paul Revere’s Ride – The kids liked this one and it really gave us a good feel for the adventure that started in Massachusetts.
  • The Bear That Heard Crying – This was a sweet book that made us all get warm fuzzys inside and was a great read for our New Hampshire studies.
  • The Ox-Cart Man – Great book to give a circular description on life for a farming family in New Hampshire.



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