Books from My Bookshelf – December 2015

I once read that an avid reader’s home has books in every room. Yep. That would definitely be our house.

I love to get lost in a good book. I read for pleasure on my kindle but there are certain books that I have a need to hold, highlight and write on the pages. Regardless of what type of book I am reading, I have always got at least a few books going at one time, not including the books I am reading with the kids.

Each month, I will be letting you in on my reading life. What books I am working through and my opinion of the books. Think of it as a homeschooling momma’s book journal. Maybe it will help you find your next great read.

Here’s what I am reading or finished in December.

Ignatius Catholic Bible

The Bible

I’ve actually never read the bible all the way through so I started last year and am making my way through it now. I am on Jeremiah at the moment and truthfully it’s been a bit difficult to get through but I am persevering. The Bible will definitely be on my list of in process reading for a while and it’s the most important book I can read. I read this every morning during my “mommy time” before any kiddos wake up and start the craziness of the day. It’s been a great way to focus, pray and start my day.

My Life with the Saints

My Life with the Saints – James Martin

I’m really enjoying this one. It’s been very entertaining, enlightening and an easy read that has made me want to learn more about the saints. I am thinking my next book may be one of the saint’s biographies/memoirs. James Martin is a Jesuit priest and it’s his memoir of how certain saints have influenced his life. The detail, stories and descriptions of the saints are wonderful and draw you into each saint as well as James Martin’s life.

Deconstructing Penguins

Deconstructing Penguins – Lawrence Goldstone

This is one I bought to help enlighten my process of read-a-louds with the kids. I just finished the book and I think it will be a great reference as we dig deeper into books. It’s definitely full of information and examples. Now I just need to implement what I learned from the book to get the kids thinking harder about the books we read. I’m in no rush to push this on my kids (they’re only 5 and 7), but it is nice to know how to get the conversation started and what I can start implementing now.

Burgess Animal Book for Children

Burgess Animal Book for Children – Thomas Burgess

I am actually pre-reading this before we start reading it for our science text in January. I am also working on designing some worksheets to accompany the book as well as brainstorming ideas for experiments and activities to dig deeper. I will make these available for my readers, hopefully, soon! We just completed the Burgess Bird Book for Children and the kids and I loved it! The kids got much more out of the living book than they did out of our textbook. Daily they are relating something they learned or see something that reminds them of the book. Learning at it’s best! Needless to say, we have abandoned the textbook, although I am using it for reinforcing ideas and concepts as needed, and are using living books for our science studies. I am loving the Burgess Animal Book as much as I loved the bird book so I am excited to share it with the kiddos!




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