Car Seat Travel Bag Review

We’ve done quite a bit of traveling and the car seat is always the one thing we worry about the most. We have used a few different car seat bags and they’ve always been ok for the one trip but there was no using them after we returned. In fact, we’ve actually thrown one of them away on our way to our car after our trip was complete.


That’s why I was happy to review the Angel Baby Car Seat Travel Bag.

Angel Baby Car Seat Travel Bag Comparison

Unlike most of it’s competitors, it is made of a more durable, extra strength polyester. You can definitely feel the difference from the moment you open it.

Angel Baby Car Seat Travel Bag

The bag fits nicely in a zippered pouch which I was surprised was so easy to fold back into after opening and using. This is a major convenience factor when traveling. No one wants to have the car seat bag taking up extra space in the trunk of the car or the hotel room. The small bag, will fit nicely in your luggage or in the trunk without taking up any of your much needed storage.

Angel Baby Car Seat Travel Bag Pouch

As for the size of the bag. It fit our car seat with room to spare. You could definitely throw in a pillow or two for extra cushion if you wanted to.

Angel Baby Car Seat Travel Bag

The only thing I wish the bag had was a zippered closure as well as the drawstring. To me the drawstring is just begging to be opened. But this is pretty standard for car seat travel bags.

I did love the shoulder strap. This will definitely make the carrying part of your trip much better. It wasn’t uncomfortable and it was short enough that it didn’t hit funny on my back as I walked.

IMG_4283 IMG_4285

While I have not traveled with the bag yet, it is definitely sturdier than the other bags we have purchased and seems like it would withstand quite a bit of handling. The price is right at $26.95 and with a lifetime guarantee, there’s no reason you should ever have to buy a different bag!

Disclaimer – I received this travel bag free from Angel Baby. The opinions stated above are my own.

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