Top 5 Reasons We Use Cloth Diapers

Why We Cloth Diaper - Modern Momma Musings


We are officially on our third fluffy bottomed baby. We switched to cloth diapers when Sunshine was 5 months old and haven’t looked back. Here are just a few reasons why.

Why We Cloth Diaper - Modern Momma Musings

Top 5 Reasons We Use Cloth Diapers

  1. Savings

    Yes, it seems like a lot up front but in the long run, it saves hundreds of dollars!!!! When we started cloth diapering with Sunshine we spent approximately $300 in the first month getting the diapers we wanted. I did make changes along the way which add a little bit, but you can get started with cloth diapering for a few hundred dollars and be ready to go. It’s said the average cost for the first year using cloth diapers is estimated at around $550. That includes detergent and electricity/gas. Compare that to the $800+ for disposable diapers and you’ve saved $250+/- in the first year! That doesn’t figure in the subsequent year(s) till potty training or that you can use the cloth diapers for multiple kids. In fact, once you’ve established your fluffy stash, you only have detergent and energy to worry about at $150 a year. The savings are incredible! Plus you can sell your diapers when your finished with them, as well! Yet another cost savings and an easy way to try/change types to fit your home.

  2. Less Explosions

    The main reason we switched to cloth diapers was because Sunshine had so many blowouts in disposable diapers. We tried every kind, every size and to no success. Finally, we took the plunge into the unknown and have had only a few blowouts over the course of 3 babies. This in comparison to a daily blowout with disposables, makes a very happy momma!

  3. Plenty of Options

    The types of diapers are endless. From flats and pre-folds, to pockets and all-in-ones. There is a fit for you. I have friends who love pockets and all-in-ones, I personally prefer fitteds and pre-folds. I suggest trying a few different types out, you really never know what will work best in your situation. Buy some used diapers and see what works best.

  4. Rashless Bottoms

    we had a lot of rashes with disposable diapers, but since we switched and use a breathable wool cover we’ve seen many less rashes around our home. With a good breathable diaper and the soft fabric against their skin, they are less likely to develop a rash.

  5. Ease

    Yes, ease. Cloth diapers are easy! You never have to worry about an emergency run to target for diapers. They are always a wash cycle away. Once you get into a good groove it’s easy to stay on top of your washing routine and you never have to worry about having a diaper.


We love our cloth diapers, they take a little more time and energy on my part but in my opinion the benefits outweigh the extra work! Happy Fluffy Bottoms!

Your Turn: Are you a cloth diapering momma? We’d love to hear what your reasons were for making the switch!