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As a Catholic family, it’s important to us that we have good resources for our children that highlight our faith. There are many Catholic books out there, but these are a few of our favorites right now.

Catholic Books for Kids - Modern Momma Musings

Bibles and Bible Resources

Catholic Books for Kids - Modern Momma Musings

There are many Catholic bibles out there but The Catholic Children’s Bible is our very favorite! Our kids read this bible daily. Not only is it translated well and is easy to read, while being true to the Word. It also has a breakdown of the bigger stories written in even easier language, with questions to get them thinking more about the story and the meaning. The only thing I do not like about this bible is that it has very thin pages, but this is also teaching the kids how to respect the bible and to be gentle, so maybe that’s not a bad thing after all.

One of the first bibles the kids were given was the Catholic Picture Bible. This has been a favorite of each of the kids as they grew. It’s small and easy to hold, but has an abundance of stories with pictures to accompany them, making the stories easily remembered for the littlest minds.

The Collins Bible Handbook has been something we reference every once in a while. I don’t think this is as necessary, but it has been a nice addition to our homeschool.

A few of our newest additions for Advent and Christmas this year were The Life of Mary and The Way to Bethlehem. These were great devotionals for the season. My kids already knew the stories, so we decided to take each book slow, over the course of Advent and Christmas to allow us to dig deeper into the separate parts of the Christmas story. This worked very well for our family and will continue to be a way of devotion for us in the years to come.


One of my favorite Catechism books for kids is Tell Me About the Catholic Faith. We used this one section at a time over a year. The two page sections dig a little deeper into the Catholic faith using illustrations, stories, comic strips and more. I was impressed with this to open up the Catholic faith to younger children.

We also use the St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism and Angel Food Books for our religion studies. The St. Joseph Catechism is more for my older two now, and the Angel Food stories correspond to each Catechism section. You can find a spreadsheet organized for you at Wildflowers and Marbles. Right now, we are working through each of the Catechism sections in a few weeks. As with most of our reading in our house, we take it a bit at a time and spread it out to really dig deep. The Angel Food series is an easy reading book for the kids. They love the stories and can relate to the message being sent about their faith.


The Picture Book of Saints and Loyola Kids Book of Saints were some of the first books about saints we added to our bookshelf. They are still love by my kiddos and on our bookshelf for perusing. I loved the stories about the saints in The Book of Saints and the way the kids could relate to them in some way. The Picture Book of Saints contains shorter amount of information which was nice but the kids didn’t get a deeper feeling for the saints.

Once Upon a Time Saints was a book I picked up for our curriculum a few years ago. I liked the stories, but it wasn’t something the kids would read on their own. I plan to add the others in this collection to our bookshelf as I do think they will be great references for us in a few years as we dig deeper into the lives of the saints.

We recently switched to using Saints for Young Readers for Every Day. These are broken down, one saint for each day, corresponding to their feast days. This is now part of our curriculum. The kiddos read and narrate about the saint for each day. They are one-two small page daily readings and they are for the most part easy to read. Sometimes names are a bit of an issue but otherwise they are not a problem for my older two kids to read on their own. After each reading there is a small section to help them use the saint to teach them in their own lives.

These books are a great way to add a bit of Catholic faith into our daily lives. We have others around, but these are the ones the kids and I grab most often.

If you’d like to read about how we make Ambleside Online geared more for our Catholic family, you can check that out here.

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